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Chapter 182

1 month later.

One month has passed and nothing has changed. Olivia is still the same, in a coma. She is not showing yet and I have spent every day with her, day in and night. Sometimes I forget what day it is. I have tried everything I have read online to try to get to wake up but nothing worked so far. James said she will wake up when she is ready which frustrated me because I am longing for that beautiful smile of hers. One month without her feels like a nightmare straight from a movie. All I do is go to shower and come back to the hospital. Our house in Cape Town is busy getting built and I know she will be happy with it when she wakes up.

Nate got an apartment with Rachel a few days ago. As much as I wanted to be happy for him, my mind is somewhere else. Andrew and Future are also doing well and Eric is turning out to be a good boy. Nora is a mess like me. She also spent most of her days here with me. Olivia is like a daughter to her and she is afraid of losing her like she lost Grace. Joe is trying to be strong for both of them but you can see that he is also suffering without his bundle of joy.

As for Chad, he is dead. They caught him at the border trying to skip the country and when they tried to deal with things the easy way, he chose the hard way which ended up with him dead. I am glad that he is dead so I don't have to worry about him coming after us again. As much as I would like to hate him, I don't because life has been unfair to him. He went through so much at such a young age and my mother played a huge role in it too. Andrew didn't want to hear anything about Chad, we all tried to get him to talk to us but he refused. Sometimes it's true when they say children pay for their parent's mistakes, and we all did, especially me and I don't want my kids to suffer for my mistakes like I did.

"Go home and get some rest, honey? I will stay with her," a voice says breaking me from my heavy thoughts. I turn to look at Nora and shake my head no even though I can feel how tired I am.

"Olivia won't like this, please go home and get proper sleep? You have spent the last two days here. I promise that I will call if anything changes," Nora says grabbing my arm and I stand up rubbing my eyes.

"Okay, " I hug her.

"Get a cab. You are too tired to drive," I kiss her cheek and walk out.

I run my hand through my hair and walk to the exit. I nail a cub and give the driver my address.

Half an hour later, the cab stops in front of my house and I pay the driver and climb out. I walk inside the house and head straight to our room. Her scent has faded and I have nothing to comfort me anymore. I sigh and walk to the bathroom. I strip out of my clothes and step into the shower. The hot water relaxes my tense muscles and I wash my hair.

Half an hour later, I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist and grab another one to dry my hair.

I dress up in grey track pants and continue to dry my hair. I throw the towel on the bed and walk out of the room barefooted and into the kitchen. I open the fridge and take out a small Tupperware of lasagna and place it in the microwave to heat it up. I pour myself an orange juice and sit on the barstool waiting for my meal.

Two minutes later, I take it and start eating. The house is quiet and this is the worst feeling ever. I have been sleeping alone and eating alone.

I finish eating at the same the front door opens and Rachel and Nate holding a box walk in. He places the box on the kitchen counter.

"Hey, how is she?" He asks and sits on the barstool.

"Same as last month, what is inside the box?" I ask and gulp down the rest of my juice.

"It's Olivia's sequel to Behind Closed doors," Rachel informs me and I pull the box close to me.

"Sequel? I didn't even know she was writing it!" I open the box.

"She was, she gave me the last chapters when you guys came back from your vacation," Rachel informs and I grab a copy. The cover is her on an open road with her arms crossed over her chest, her hair down.

"All roads lead to love," I read the title.

"Catchy title," Nate comments, and I nod with a proud smile on my face. I go to the last page to see how it ends.

"I am his and he is mine, and in the end, it was him and I! No matter what road life leads you to, it always ends up to love. Your Tay is out there waiting for you, just like I found mine!" I read and my heart does a backflip.

"She wrote about us!" My mind is racing and I am not if I want to read it, afraid to read all the horrible things I said and did to her.

"She sure did!" Rachel chuckles.

"I am more in love with sister-in-law every day, she sure knows how to get payback!" I glare at Nate and he grabs the book from my hands.

"When is it coming out?" I ask, taking out more books.

"Next week," I nod.

"Close the door when you guys leave, I'm going to bed," I say and Nate nods. I walk up the stairs and make my way to our room. I lay on the bed with my right arm behind my head and the left one on my stomach, and watch the ceiling until my eyes burn to sleep.

( Name one similarity you share with Payne series characters. I can't cook and love to sleep like Olivia😅. I am lazy)

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