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Chapter 183

5 months later,

Nate's POV.

I have always been the relaxed one in the family and now was the time to make everyone smile. Ever since sister-in-law has been in a coma I haven't seen Tay smile or laugh. 5 months have passed and my brother looks like a living zombie. If he isn't in the hospital he is drowning himself in work and I am afraid he will go back to his old self if sister-in-law doesn't wake up. Even though I miss her smile, I miss messing with her too.

"Where the hell are you taking me?" Tay groans as I continue to drag him.

"It's a surprise," I say and open the door to the spare room.

"Surprise!" Andrew, Future, Rachel, and little Eric who doesn't even have a clue cheers.

"What's going on?" Tay asks, looking around the empty room and six buckets of paint on the floor.

"We thought it would be fun if we painted a room for the twins. Since we don't know the genders yet, we bought white," I explained and waited.

"Of course if you don't want—" he cuts off my rambling by pulling me into a hug.

"Thank you," he says with a weak smile on his face.

"Yeah, but it wasn't entirely me and—"

"Nate?" Tay says and I look at him.

"Yeah?" I finally breathe.

"Shut up," he laughs for the first time in 5 months and I zip my mouth using my hands.

We open the buckets and mix the paint. I press play on the small radio I brought and tequila by Dan + Shay roars in the room.

"Seriously!" Andrew says and I laugh.

"When I taste tequila!" I sing with a bright smile on my face and everyone laughs at my childish act and that's what I always wanted to see in the past 5 months.

For the next two hours, we paint and make jokes. I know soon reality will set in but for now I am enjoying this little moment, the memories we are making. I dug my hand in the bucket of paint and painted Rachel on the face. Her mouth opens in disbelief and I laugh at her clenching on my stomach. I predict her move and drop down on the floor and Tay gets the end of it causing me to laugh my ass off with tears streaming down my face.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry. I swear I didn't mean—" Rachel tries to explain and I feel liquid on my head and my eyes widen. Tay is holding an empty bucket with a smirk on his face.

"You didn't!" I say even though I know the answer to my question. White paint creates a curtain on my face and I wipe it off standing up.

"You are so dead!" I threaten and run towards him but I slip on the paint and fall causing me to groan in pain.

"That deserved to be filmed," Andrew says laughing.

"Oh my God! Are you okay?" Rachel asks, hovering above me with a smile on her face. She offers me her hand and I take but instead of standing up I pull her down and she screams. Seconds later, a paint fight breaks out.

A phone rings and we stop what we were doing and watch Tay answer his phone with a smile on his face.

"Hello?" He says and seconds later, his smile drops.

"Did something happen? Is Olivia okay?" He asks standing up and we follow him.

"Okay, I am coming," he hangs up and before we can ask him what's wrong he is out the door.

"Tay?" I call after and he continues to walk to his room

"What happened? Tay?"

"What the hell do you want Nate? Because of you, I wasn't there for Olivia. Do you think this is the time to have fun? No! So please leave me the fuck alone," he snaps panting and I shut my mouth.

"I'm sorry okay? It's not your fault," he pulls me into a brief hug and walks into his room.

Tay's POV.

I step out of the shower and dry myself. I dress up in grey jeans with a long sleeve white t-shirt and a black cotton jacket. I grab my car keys and walk out. I find everyone in the kitchen all cleaned up.

"We are coming with you," Nate says standing up and we all walk out.

I go with Nate and Rachel and Andrew goes Future in his car.

I should have been in the hospital with her but instead, I was having fun. What kind of a husband does that make me? When Nora said something happened to Olivia my heart stopped for a second.

Half an hour later, I park in the hospital lot and we all climb out and rush inside.

We find Joe and Nora waiting in the waiting room.

"Has James said anything?" As if on cue he walks out and we rush to him.

"What is going on?" I ask James and he looks at me then the others.

"Can I talk to you, Nora and Joe in private?" He asks and I nod. We follow him to his office.

"James, what's going on?" Nora asks this time.

"Tay you know Olivia can't carry a baby full term right?" He asks and I nod with a pounding heart. I totally forgot about that.

"The pregnancy is taking a toll on her. She is not recovering the way we thought she would," he informs us.

"What does that mean?" Joe asks.

"It means you have to make a decision, "he clears his throat and shifts in his chair.

"What kind of a decision?" I ask, not sure if I want to know the answer.

"To save the babies or Olivia during birth," he says and everything spins.

"Save her of course," Joe says, and James and Nora turn to me.

"What are the chances that she will survive?" I ask with a lump in my throat.

"10 percent," he says and I wipe my sweaty hands against my jeans.

"Do everything you can to save all three of them, "I inform James.

"What! No," Joe pushes his chair back and stands up.

"I am not letting you save your children and let my only daughter die. Save my daughter James, I don't care if the twins die. She can always make another one," he yells.

"Uhm, I can not do that Joe. You have no right to decide on this one. I called you in because you are Olivia's father and you deserve to know what's going on. They are Tay's children and Olivia is his wife, I'm sorry. And if Olivia manages to survive along with the twins she will never be able to get pregnant because of her condition," Janes explains and Joe storms out and Nora follows him.

"Would you like to know the gender?" James asks after a while and I nod.

I follow him to a room and find Olivia already in it. I sit by her side and hold her hand. How much I wish she was awake and see our babies. James applies something on Olivia's belly and seconds later I hear heartbeats.

There they are, my beautiful babies.

James explains to me what's going on the screen and I hold Olivia's hand all the time.

"Are you ready for the gender?" He asks and I nod. He hands me a picture and I take it.

"You guys are having a girl and a boy,"

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