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Chapter 184

7 months later,

7 months have passed and Olivia is still in a coma. I might be sad that she is still in a coma but I am proud of her and her work. Her book has hit the top-selling books and she is on the list of best selling author and now people in other countries know her and her series too. I just wish she would wake up and see the success of her books. Her fans are wishing her a good recovery and it still amazes me every time I read their messages. I have spent the last 3 months reading All roads lead to love for Olivia and playing audios of her to our twins hoping that they will at least hear their mother's voice.

Nora and I went to get baby clothes for the twins a few weeks back since we got to know the gender. Joe is still not keen on me choosing all three of them to be saved and he doesn't talk much to me anymore. James has been monitoring Olivia for the past months and has warned us that something can go wrong anytime and they would have to operate so we have to always be ready for anything.

Our house in Cape Town is finished and I haven't had the time to fly and see it. A part of me didn't want to see it alone so I decided to wait for Olivia and the twins. Emily has come back into town because David is dead and is tired of hiding. She and James have gotten close and although they are not dating it is bound to happen anytime soon. Jessica decided to pursue her career of being a detective and she has replaced Oliver. Shawn got back together with his ex and little Kyle has a new heart and is a happy young man. Nate is now a big thing in the sports world. The best player and captain of Wolves. He has been traveling all around the world for the past three months and I am proud of him for archiving so much at such a young age like Olivia. Rachel publishing company is also now a big thing, the identity reveal of Olivia really put the company's name out there. The most surprising thing was when my Instagram followers increased like a waterfall. I already had millions of followers but now they reach about 500 million. I didn't handle my social media accounts but now I decided to handle it myself since most of the followers we're Olivia's fans and want to see if I will post anything about her. I post a pictures I managed to take of her when she was not looking every day.

Andrew and Future are doing well in their careers and little Erica is growing up to be strong. My father is still in jail along with Donald and I have never visited them once. My father tried to call me from jail but I always declined the call. He is dead to me and I don't want him anywhere close to the twins. So far everything has been going well for others except for me.

A knock on the door brings me out of my long train of thought and Rachel's head pops in.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" She asks and I look back at Olivia on the hospital bed and back at Rachel nodding my head. I place a kiss on her forehead and head to the door stretching out. I open the door and walk out to find Rachel pacing in the hallway holding a brown envelope.

"Are you okay?" I ask, and push my hair off my hair. A reminder that I need to have a hair cut and if Olivia wakes up and sees my hair she will probably have the scare of her life. I have never had long hair in my life. I always made sure to have a haircut every month but since Olivia has been in a coma, I haven't had a haircut and you can only imagine how long my hair is.

"Yes, I am fine. You have to see this," she hands me the envelope and starts biting her nails. I look at her for a moment and open the envelope and take out the papers and read.

"This is a contract," I say, confused as to why she wants me to read a contract when she could take it to her lawyers.

"I know, just read where it is written what it is for," she says and I sigh but read it.

"Film/Tv distribution production. SK studios agreement offer to buy rights from Olivia Riley Payne book series to turn the series into a TV series!" My eyes bulge out of their sockets and my heart feels like it's going to pop out of my chest.

"No way!" I say, not believing I just read that. Someone wants to turn Olivia's books into a TV series!

"I know! I couldn't believe it too but there it is. I thought SK studios were joking when they approached me with the idea but when I got the contract I was speechless. I know the books have been doing well for the past months, mainly because Olivia has been in a coma but I didn't think they would reach this level!" Rachel says and tucks her hair behind her ear.

"What now? " I ask.

"We wait for Olivia to wake up. There is nothing we can do, I already told them too. We cannot sign on Olivia's behalf. She has to read the contract and if she likes their offer then she will sign," Rachel informs and I nod in understanding.

"This is insane!" I comment.

"It is," Rachel agrees and I place the contract back in the envelope and hand it back to her.

"You hold on to it," she suggests.

"Okay, "

"I have to go, let me know if anything changes?" I nod and she hugs me and walks to the exit. A lot of things have changed and I longer dislike Rachel for being part of the reason why my brother almost died. Olivia being in a coma brought all of us closer to each other.

I walk back to the room and sit next to Olivia's bed.

"Hey!" I touch her hand.

"I have great news for you," I smile and tuck her hair behind her ear.

"Your books are doing so well that SK studios want to turn your books into a tv series!"

"You have to wake up. So many beautiful things are waiting for you!" I say and all of a sudden a machine starts beeping continuously.

"Olivia?" I push my chair back and stand up at the same time the door opens and James and three nurses rush in.

"What's going on?" I ask but James ignores me.

"Her blood pressure is dropping," he tells the nurse next to him.

"James, what's going on?" I ask again and he ignores me yet again.

"We need to operate now, "

"JAMES!" I yell and he finally looks at me.

"Get him out of here," he instructs the nurses.

"Wait, what!" The nurse drags me out and closes the door behind me.

"What happened?" Nora asks.

"I don't know, I was just talking to her now and all of a sudden the machine started beeping, "I explain. Nora back tracts and Joe helps her down. The door to Olivia's room opens and nurses and James walk out wheeling Olivia.

" James, what is going on?"Joe asks.

"We have to operate and I promise I will do my best to save all three of them," with that he runs to the direction they wheeled Olivia to. I text everyone and wait with Nora and Joe.

Half an hour later, everyone is here except for Nate since he is in Australia, and it will take hours for him to get here. After hours of sleeping on the hospital chairs and lots of coffee James finally walks out of the theater room.

"What happened? Is Olivia and the twins Okay?" I ask, not sure if I want to know the answer.

"Yes," he says and we all release breaths we didn't even know we were holding.

"The twins are premature so they will have to stay in the incubator for two months," he informs and I nod in understanding.

"And Olivia?" Joe asks.

"She will be okay. We moved her to intensive care so that she can heal. Her body took a lot of strain but she will be fine. We gave a sedative. She will be asleep for 48 hours." James informs us.

"Can I see the twins?" I ask, my heart beating faster than normal.

"Follow me," James says and Nora decides to go with me since only two can see them at a time. James makes us wear hospital uniforms with gloves and we follow him to the small room.

Two incubators greet us. They look so small.

"They look so small," Nora comments and James chuckles.

"Can I get close?" I ask and James nods. Their eyes are closed and they are the perfect image of Olivia and I.

"Have you decided on names?" Nora asks and I nod touching the glass.

"Hope and Hero!" I tell Nora and turn to look at her.

"She is our Hope and he is our Hero, "

"Olivia will love them, I do."

(Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a great day. My best friendd took me out and we ate all kinds of junk food at the Mall we could find. How has everyone been?)

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