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Final book of Taylivia series as the past break Olivia to the core than ever before. She has reached her breaking point. Will Tay and Olivia have their happy ending?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 146.

No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no. I have never been so scared in my entire life. It felt like my world was ending right in front of my eyes. I felt like my heart was breaking into tiny pieces as I pad in the heavy rain trying to get to Olivia. Time seems to stand still then go on then pause. My soul felt like it was on fire, burning my body in the most painful ways I could never imagine. She can't leave me, she just can't. We have so much ahead of us. I reach her car and open the driver's seat. Her head is rested the airbag, and there is no seat belt around her.

"Fuck!"I curse and lift her head and push her back against the seat. There is blood between her legs and I pad her face.

"Baby wake up please"I cry out, but she doesn't wake up or show any movement. I try again and she continues to stay still. I can feel tears running down my cheeks, and I let them flow. I'm not ready to be without her and I'm not willing to.

"Oh my God!"a voice says and I turn my head to find an old man with an umbrella in his hand.

"What happened here?"he asks and my mind finally snaps out of it.

"Call..call an ambulance"I plead with him, and he takes his phone out of his pocket.

"Baby please don't leave me. I love you so much. If you can hear me fight, please. Hang in there." I push her hair off her face. There is blood on her forehead.

A voice snaps me out of my world, "Does she have a pulse?"the old man asks and I place my finger to her neck and release a sigh of hope when I feel her weak pulse.

"Yeah,but it's weak. Tell them to hurry please."I say and the man nods. I want to hold her but I'm scared to move her. Scared to make things worse. I feel numb, I don't know how to feel anymore. This is the last thing I expected to happen. I was supposed to take her shopping to buy clothes for our little boy. I honestly have no idea what I will do if I go to see Donald in jail. Out of all people, he is the last person I expected to rape a woman. Is that why he chose to represent them for free? To ease his conscious? Olivia was finally moving on and now I'm sure she will go back to square one, and I have no idea what she will do when she gets better. I don't know what's worse? The fact that we finally know the person who ripped her innocence away or the fact there is a video of her trending online that shows what happened. This is utter humiliation and disrespect.

The siren of an ambulance brings me back to reality. I move away from the car as the paramedics run to the car with a stretcher bed and the other two guys holding umbrellas.

"It's time for me to go," the old man says looking at me with sympathy.

"Thank you for your help"I shake his hand, and he nods.

"There is no need to thank me. I did what anyone would have done. I hope she gets better."he says and walks to his truck.

Olivia has a neck brace around her neck. The sight breaks my heart and I have to look away for me not to break down.

"Are you coming with us?"a voice asks.

"I have my car here. I will follow you guys."I say, and they nod wheeling her to the back of the ambulance. I rush to my car and hop in the driver's seat. I don't bother buckling in and speed behind the ambulance.

I dial Nate's number, and he answers on the first.

"Get everyone at the hospital. I mean everyone"I order and hang up before he can question me.

I pull into the hospital lot and hop out. They wheel Olivia inside, and I spot James and another doctor I have never seen running after her in the direction they took Future weeks back.

I plop down on the chair and throw my head into my hands. I finally let all the tears out. I have never thought I will have to go through something like this,this is the worst thing anyone could go through, and I will never wish it on my enemy. We were so happy yesterday.

"What happened?"a voice asks and I lift my head to find Nora rushing to me.

"What happened to my baby?"she cries and Joe pulls her into a hug.

"I don't understand. How..."she sobs and I close my eyes to stop the tears that are threatening to spill.

I get pulled into a hug and the tears spill. I feel another hug on my back, and this is a time I'm thankful to have two brothers.

"She will be okay," Nate says and I nod.

They break the hug and look at me with sympathy in their eyes.

"What happened? Where was she going?"Joe asks and I don't know what to tell him. He doesn't even know Olivia was raped,how am I going to explain how now his daughter is all over the internet, and to make matters worse my cousin is the one who raped her. He will hate me, us. His daughter's life got ruined by one of us. How do I explain where she was going when I didn't even know myself. Was she running away from me because Donald is my cousin or did she go to be alone?

I have no idea if Nora knows or not, and I can't just ask her here. I have no idea what to do right now.

"I.." I get cut off by a phone ringing, and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Joe takes his phone out of his pocket and answers.


"I'm sorry but I can't make it there. My daughter is in a hospital and in a critical condition. Can't you tell me what is it here on the phone?" he asks.

"I'm afraid I can't,doc."he says and I wonder what doctor he is talking to. He is sick? I can't help but ask myself.

"Yes,I'm sure. Tell me."he massages his temple and what came out of his mouth shocked the hell out of us.

" What do you mean Grace committed suicide!?"he stills and my eyes widen. What the hell am I going to tell Olivia when she wakes up. Today keeps getting worse and before any of us can react Nora drops to the floor.

"Oh my God!"we all run to her and Joe scoop her in his arms. A nurse tells Joe to follow her.

"What is happening?"Nate asks.

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