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Chapter 147.

"What happened?"Nate asks after a while. Joe hasn't come back since he took Nora to be checked.

"Did you know that Olivia was raped?"he continues to ask,but I don't have the energy to answer his questions right now.

"The woman I love with all of my soul is on an operation table fighting for her life Nate. Your questions are the last thing I want to answer right now." I snap without meaning to.

"I'm sorry. " Nate says softly making me feel guilty. I ran my hand over my face in frustration.

"Look, I didn't mean to snap at you like that."I pat his shoulder and stand up. I walk in the direction Joe went to.

I knock on the white door and enter. Joe is seating on a hospital bed holding Nora's hand.

"How is she doing?"I ask and close the door behind me.

"The nurse said she will be okay. It's just the shock of receiving bad news in less than 24 hours,"he says and I nod.

"Do you know the full story on what happened? I mean Grace?"I ask and seat opposite to him. I may have not liked Grace, but she was Olivia's mother even though she didn't deserve the title. If it wasn't for her getting pregnant than I wouldn't have had Olivia. She was a bitch, and I didn't like how she treated her own daughter. But she was still Olivia's mother and there is nothing I can do to change that.

"I called the doctor that was treating her, and she said Grace swallowed a bunch of pills she was being treated with. She didn't take the medication like they thought she was. She saved up and when they enough she swallowed all of them." Joe explains.

"So, she has been planning her own death without them knowing?"

"Pretty much," he says and Nora's head turn side by side indicating that she is walking up. She groans and lifts her hand to her head.

"Hey?"Joe says softly.

"God! My head hurts" she says opening her eyes.

"You hit your head hard,"Joe tells her.

"Do you remember what happened?"I ask. She turns her head to look at me then back at Joe.

"You said something about my sister committing suicide which is ridiculous. Grace is a lot of things but not a quieter,"she says and my heart breaks for worse today. If she is acting like this then how will Olivia take it?

"It's true though Nora. Grace committed suicide "Joe says softly and Nora shakes her head repeatedly in denial.

"No,no,no,no. You are lying to me. Grace would never do something like that," tears fall down her cheeks. Joe goes to her, and pull her into a hug, and I push my chair back. I stand up and walk out giving them some privacy.

"Any update?"I ask my brothers and they shake their heads. I slid down the wall and seat on the floor with my knees-up and my hands in my hair.

An hour later, Joe and Nora walk to us.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Grace?"I say to Nora and she nods.

"Any news about Olivia?"she asks, and I shake my head no. A door opens and I turn to find two guys pushing a hospital bed with Olivia on it, and we rush to her.

"How is she?" I ask the nurse.

"The doctor will be with you in a sec,"he says. James and a woman walk out and rush to them.

"How is she?" Nora asks and James takes off his gloves.

"She died twice during the operation, and we had to revive her back to life. Since she wasn't wearing a seat belt her body took some large impact that caused her to lose the baby."James looks at me. I think I kind of knew that she will lose the baby.

"What baby?"Joe asks and I curse under my breath for forgetting to tell him.

"Your daughter was 7 weeks pregnant, and she was well aware of it sir," James tells Joe.

"She will be fine right?" Nate asks this time.

"Yes, we sedated her for the next 24 hours for her body to heal a little. She will have to wear a neck brace for two weeks as you saw a while ago. She fractured her right arm, so she will have to attend physiotherapy to heal it and come for check-ups."James explains, and we all sigh in relief.

"Thank you so much" Joe shakes James' hand.

"Just doing my job sir."

"I will keep you updated if anything changes. Now if you will excuse me, I have other patients to attend to." With that him and the woman walk in another direction.

"Okay, can someone please tell me what the hell is happening?"Joe demands,his eyes on me.

"I...God! I don't know where to start" I push my hair off my face.

"Start from the beginning."

"I think it's better if you read it yourself."I say and Nate takes out his phone.

"What do you mean read about it?" Nora asks. Nate hands his phone to Joe and Nora. I wait impatiently as he reads, noticing his knuckles turning white due to his grip on the phone.

"What the hell is this crap about Olivia getting raped by your cousin?"he yells. Nora has her eyes closed and I can only assume she knew about Olivia's past.

"It's true Joe" I say softly.

"When did this happen and where the fuck where you?"he asks, his breath on my face.

"It happened four years ago, Joe. I didn't know that it was Donald." I explain.

"Bullshit. You knew and still protected your shit of a cousin." Nora tugs his hand, but he easily yanks it away. I have never seen him so angry.

"Joe, please. He didn't know."Nora says and Joe turns to her with fire in his eyes.

"You knew?"

"Yes, I knew but I didn't know it was Donald." She informs and Joe let out a disbelief laugh.

"Wow! Apparently, I don't know shit about my daughter and the people around me are just a bunch of liers" he says and Nora tries to calm him down.

"It's not like that Joe, "I try to explain.

"Get out,"he shouts pointing to the exit.

"Excuse me!?"

"I said get out. You and your brothers. I don't want to see you any of you close to my daughter."


"Not now Nora"he pushes her away.

"She is my wife. You can't just tell me to stay away from her."I state. I don't know how long I can hold on to his bullshit. I know he is hurting but we all are.

"Well, she is my daughter and am telling you to stay away from her"

"I'm not going anyway until Olivia herself tells me to stay away from her"I snap and feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Let's take a walk," Nate says, and before I can tell him to fuck off him and Andrew tug me away from Joe.

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