Young love vol 1

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It's a story about a girl that falls in love with the bad boy her thinking she needed him to survive he was the one that needed her the most

Drama / Romance
Brown eyez_909
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Chapter 1

Mariana a beautiful 13 year old

Maria her mother in her mid 40s

Jose her father mid 50s

Marina: but mom are u really gonna leave me here?!

Maria: honey u have to stay we can't take on our trip you will be fine you have cousins and your aunt and it's not to long ok

Mariana: so I'm finishing school and spending the whole summer here ? And I haven't seen my cousins for so long huh what f they don't like me?!

Jose: baby girl you'll be fine I promise just stay outta trouble we'll call you and update you with everything

Marianas parents where leaving to Mexico for a business trip that they wouldn't explain to her but she knew something else was going on .Mariana was taught not to ask questions and to does what she was told when her father told her it would be ok she believed him and stayed quiet .... They drove for hours until they parked outside a big beautiful home

Maria: this is your aunt lettys house please behave

Mariana looked around she could see it was a ruff neighborhood she turned around she could see her cousin walking down the stairs with his mom Mariana got out the car and hugged her aunt she looked fragile she turned to her cousin a very tall mean looking guy his name was Armando he was full of tattoos and bald

Armando: so your not gonna say hi prima ? U don't remember me you where so little last time I saw you how old are you?

Mariana : I'm 13 now I'm not shy just get to know me haha

Maria: Armando watch over her please

Armando: Tia don't worry I will you can get going Ill show her room and take her school shopping if you want

Mariana: all I heard was shopping let's go

Maria pulled Mariana to the side

Maria: honey I love you please take care I'll call you as soon as we get there ok?

Mariana: mom I'm fine just go be safe

Maria: you're so grown up baby girl

Mariana walked up to her dad and hugged him tight .. She waved goodbye and turned around to Armando sitting on the steps talking on the phone

Mariana: so where am I sleeping

Armando got off the phone

Armando: well there's an extra room with just a mattress on it is good for now ?

Mariana: I need furniture you know that

Armando: I'm just kidding stupid it's set up for you just go up stairs to the left scream if your lost haha

Mariana: so u think I'm gonna walk up the stairs with all this luggage yea thanks for helping me

Armando got up and helped up to her room when they walked into the house it smelled like homemade Mexican food you could hear music coming from the backyard Mariana stayed quiet he opened the door for her and sat down on the bed

Armando: I got homies in the backyard of your hungry or are you gonna stay up here all night

Mariana: let me get settled and I'll go down there shit but quick question ?!

Armando: what? Haha

Mariana: where's the nearest school I need to sign up?

Armando: I'll take you Monday mourning relax bookworm now get changed and come down stairs threw the back door ok?

Mariana: fine!

Armando got up and left Mariana felt safe and protected but she had questions about his tattoos and what they ment but for now she changed and walked down stairs she looked for her aunt but she fast asleep in her room

Mariana: shit should I do this?!!

She took a deep breath and walked into the backyard she could feel everybody staring at her

Armando: you hungry

Mariana: uhh sure but why is everybody staring at me ?

Armando: cause your a newbie baby girl

Mariana sat down at a table and ate by herself and looked at her phone until she felt somebody staring at her

Mariana: if you wanna ask a question just ask

Jose 15 years old but his friends called him lil one

Jose: Can I sit here with you?

Mariana: um sure haha sorry

Jose: you're cousin told me that you where moving in I'm Jose by the way

Mariana: I'm Mariana and yea I'm staying here for awhile

Armando walked behind Jose

Armando: so I see you met lil one don't get ideas fucker

Jose: naw she's chill so ur finishing school here?

Mariana: yup Iam

Jose: I'll see you around then I'm guessing

Jose got up and winked at her giving Mariana butterfly's she stared as he walked away

Armando: hello!! Don't get ideas you don't need the drama trust me

Mariana: yea so when you taking me shopping haw!

Armando: well let's chill out tonight and I'll take you tomorrow ok help yourself to anything ok

Mariana: thanks for taking me in mando

Mariana got up and hugged him and he hugged her back

Armando: your welcome and I'm always here for you ok I know how it's feels to be alone and not feel welcomed so I got you don't worry

Mariana walked away and sat in her room she could hear them laugh and talking she had fallen asleep until she was woken up by her phone ringing it was her mom Mariana got her phone and walked down stairs and sat on the front steps

Maria: baby girl we made it how's it going so far?

Mariana: I'm good just woke up the house is quiet I think I'm home alone but how was the flight ?

Maria: it was good just tired we have to drive a couple hours before we get to where we need to be I don't know if I'll have reception but if anything I'll call you by the weekend ok love?

Mariana: ok mom love you

Mariana heard the call end she sat there in the dark thinking about life .. When she would go for walks but she didn't think that was a smart idea .. As she sat there quietly she felt somebody walk behind her and sit down next down to her it was Jose.

Jose: what are u doing out here alone?

Mariana:just got off the phone with my mom im just thinking about life

Jose: i feel you well at least it's a beautiful night to sit outside not to hot or cold

Mariana: yea I wanted to go for walk but I don't know this neighborhood I don't wanna get stolen haha

Jose: well come on I'll show you around I'll protect you ok

Mariana: ok well let me get my jacket real fast wait for me here

Jose: naw take mine it's all good .....

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