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Young love vol 1

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Chapter 2

As they started to walk Mariana felt safe and comfortable they talked about there life's and where they come from

Jose: i have both my parents but my dads a drunk my mom works most of the time I'm on my own but I'm happy like this .. What about you?

Mariana: well my parents had to leave on a trip and I couldn't go so they left me behind I'm the youngest of my sisters and well I couldn't stay with them my mom said my aunt would take care of me but i honestly haven't really talked to her I think it's just me and Armando for now

Jose:you haven't seen your other primos yet?

Mariana: naw I haven't but I will soon I guess

They say there quiet until Mariana noticed a car was coming closer and slower

Mariana: shit look at that car!

Jose: haha it's oso we in trouble

Mariana: why do they call Armando oso I don't get it?

Jose: I say cuz he's big and fat don't tell him I said that thow haha

As they say there on a bench Armando parked his truck and got off he was mad

Armando: serio your just gonna leave and not say shit mostly with this fool it's dangerous out here

Jose: chill she's fine she had to clear her mind

Armando: atleast tell me next time ok come on let's it's getting dark

They drove home They stayed quiet

Armando: lil one do you want me to leave you at home?

They were passing jose's house when Armando stopped you could see his dad yelling at his mom threw the front windows

Jose: um can I crash at your place for the night

Armando: yea it's cool

Joses face looked sad but he quickly put a smile on ... As they got to the house Mariana noticed other cars and trucks had gotten there

Armando: o yea my brothers are home be ready haha

Mariana: what does that mean ?!

They parked and Mariana got off the car she could here the yelling and laughing in the backyard

Mariana: ummm

They walked threw the house her aunt had woken up and was sitting down watching tv

Letty: mija go say hello to your primos they been waiting for you ! Hola Jose

Jose: hi! how you been feeling señora ?

Letty: good good just resting mijo how are you?

Letty's knew lil ones problems

Jose: good I guess but is it ok if I stay here for the night ?

Letty: you know you don't have to ask mijo make yourself a home but you might have to sleep in the closest cause there all home tonight haha

Mariana walked threw the back door all she could see where three brothers sitting around a table playing dominos

Armando: don't be rude ! Get up say hello

Mauricio 19 years old

David 21 years old

Manuel 25 years old

Al three had tattoos all over they looked mean they all stood up at the same time

David: last time I saw you was years ago your all grown up now haha

Mariana gave each one of them hugs

Manuel: so where you gonna keep her hidden haha

Armando: naw she's smart she'll be ok she's starts school Monday anyways so she won't see much

Mariana: what are you talking about?!

Mauricio: there's things you'll see and question but don't worry your safe with us

Armando: I'll explain in a lil bit if you want to go bed it's all good

Mariana: well nice seeing you guy I'm out

Mariana walked straight up to her room and started to watch tv and organize her stuff when Jose walked into her room

Mariana: thanks for knocking fucker I could've been naked !

Jose: o whatever haha

Mariana: say that to my four brothers downstairs

Jose: they would kill me but they know me so I'm chill shit but you doin?

Mariana: keeping busy while they do there dirty business and shit

Jose: so oso told you?

Mariana: naw I just understand what there saying I might be young but I ain't stupid ese!

Jose: watch out! haha naw that's good your smart

Mariana: anyways why you in here?

Jose: Is it cool if I crash on the floor tonight ?

Mariana: uhh sure but you tell oso cuz I ain't dealing with it

Jose: he won't care fuck it

As the night continued the noise downstairs settled Mariana and Jose watched tv until they feel asleep mourning came and they heard a bang at the door Mariana got up and walked to the door half asleep

Mariana: what!! Shitt it's to early !

Armando: get up and get ready lets go I wanna talk to you and get you really settled in and do you have a phone?

Mariana: this early seriously Armando? Yea I do why?

As she turned around the door opened and Armando walked in

Armando: Jose!! What the fuck are you doing in here!!

Mariana: it's not what you think! Shhhh

Jose: don't get mad I needed a place to crash we were watching tv and I crashed I'm sorry serio

Armando: man atleast tell me you're gonna stay in here or something come on let her change and get ready we gotta go and Ana your moms been trying to call you or something

Mariana: what! Shit ! Get out !

They both got out Mariana ran threw the room and found her phone until she found it she had ten missed calls she tried to call back but the phone call wouldn't go threw

Maria: hello? Mariana?

Mariana: mom! I'm sorry I over slept !

Maria: it's ok mi vida I just wanted to check up on you have you made any friends?

Mariana: well yea one of Armandos friends he's nice I guess

Maria: well I have bad news mija

Mariana: what happened now

Maria: why talk like that mija?!

Mariana: cause mom there's always something wrong let me just guess you won't be back for longer or something

Maria: mija I'm sorry

Mariana hung up her phone grabbed her things and went down stairs she walked up to her Tia and hugged her

Letty: did you talk to your mother?

Mariana: yea usual excuse como siempre you ready oso

Armando: uh yea mom we'll be back ok

They walked outside to his truck and they all got in

Armando: so you gonna tell what's wrong?

Mariana broke down

Mariana: so I won't be seeing my mom or dad for awhile because they can't come back or some bullshit excuse like always I'm tired of it !! I'm tired why cant I be a kid for once have no worries and enjoy my life ! Fuck my life ! I'm tired of being the good girl I've helped everybody around me I alway hold it down but I'm done .......

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