A Derry's Discovery

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"I'm in a gang, Derry West. A gang of crime. And you wanna know what the worst part of that worse confession is...?" He didn't wait for an answer, instead he held my cheek with a sigh and cocked his head to the side as if he was searching my face for any hidden emotions I had hidden from him. He then grinned and squinted his eyes as if he found what he had been looking for. Elias Gray then cupped my cheek and leaned in closer, his eyes hooded with a filthy to be coming soon promise and then he whispered, low enough for us both to hear. "I'm the Gang leader." ***** Bribed by her Principal to look after seven transfer students who live up to the reputation of being bad. Derry had no choice but to babysit them if she wanted the bittersweet offer on the table. But what happens when these seven students happen to entangle her in her own mystery and well, tremendously big web of lies? What happens when Derry's whole world is flipped upside down and the only way she can get out of it, is by discovering the secrets and lies that were hidden from her from the very beginning. And one of the mysteries she is yet to discover begins with Elias Gray, the master of slipping away from her radar completely undetected. " How, Derry. " -D.W. ***** Book 1 of the "ADD SERIES"

Drama / Action
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The girl next to me turns her head around so quick, that she honestly could have gotten whiplash. She grimaces at me and mumbles. "What do you want, Derry?"

"A spare pencil. Mine broke—" I chuckle at my broken pencil. Stupid pencils just have to break without any warning, it really sucks.

"No Derry, I don't have one. Go ask Wally or someone else," she mumbles, taking the anatomy book ones again in her palms and turning away. I sigh at the girl and look around the class which was in the library for today, seeing the librarian and my biology teacher having the usual tea.

"Psst," I whisper again, she turns around with a scowl etched on her face. I grin at her pissed of expression. "What now, Derry?"

"Where's, Wally?" I answer her question with a question, unsure of who this Wally character was in our biology class.

She points at the glasses dude at the back of the library, who was busy scribbling or doing whatever in his notebook. It was a sore sight to seeing no Wally like in the books, but just a chubby glasses dude. Sigh.

"You happy now, go ask him and leave me alone—" before she turns away, I grab her arm and give her a serious look, with some puppy eyes. "—I don't know how to get to the back of the library, I'd get shouted at by the teacher, if I leave my seat." I frown.

The brunette haired girl, also known as Ravine rolled her eyes. "Derry you are really pathetic, you know that. Here lemme get you it," I smirked at her frustrated face, as she slowly got up from her seat and sauntered over to Wally at the back of the library.

On her watch, I pretended to see if the teacher would look her way and tell her off. But then again, she's not Derry West, so anything bad she does won't be as bad as what I'm known for.

She later returns with the pen, I look over my shoulder at Wally who was grinning our way. That creepy grin. Shivers.

I don't accept the pencil from her. She stares at me like, 'What the frick just take the pencil, already!' I shake my head.

"One last thing do you have hand sanitizer, you can never be too sure. I mean for all I know Wally probably performed mouth to mouth with the pencil or worse rubbed his—"

"Oh my God just stop and take the bloody pencil!" She hisses, turning back to her book and focusing on it, furiously.

The other students all gave us annoyed looks. Well, me. They gave me annoyed looks. I couldn't help but smile nervously, before reaching for the pencil she dropped on the table and rubbing it against my blazer.

When I turned back to look at Wally he was grinning like a weirdo.

And that's just some of the weird events I go through in high school, its really weird. Just like me.

Or how should I put the saying. Ah right:

"How, Derry," I sigh at myself in the reflection of the computer screen and slump in my seat for the remaining hours of class.

SITTING IN THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE, was not a good thing. It usually meant, the usual, "academics" or "attendance" or my personal favorite. "Expulsion" recently I have been getting the two a lot, negatively of course. But today, I realised the warnings were enough and Principal Feather was going to expel me for lack of effort in education and distracting others in their valuable learning.

He sat the top of his throne, clutching his expensive glass of water, while narrowing his eyes on me. I shifted in my chair, adjusting my school girl uniform, the tacky blue blazer and mini plaided grey and blue skirt was ugly. But nonetheless, I wore it, but of course I disobeyed the dress code and hoisted it above, so you could see the black safety pants I had underneath. Its safe

to say that I, myself had inspired a trend in school and caused most of the female majority here to do the same as myself.

Principal Feather, the fifty-year old man with the short temper of an eagle gave me a scorching glare, before placing his glass of water down and facing me with a thin line of a smile. Well, effort.

"Do you know why you're here, Miss West?" He started saying, his tone was monotone, yet ruthless.

His voice could give me wet dreams if I would admit. Damn it... Lana Del Rey was rubbing off on me. I needed to stop listening to her.

"You've decided to let me go on the field trip to Spain?" I grin, answering his question, in anticipation.

He shakes his head, "No, what? Why would I let you go to another country on the school's watch? In a bus with 50 other children?" He makes me pout, before I stare off into the distance.

The grey beardy old man was not helping me here. I've wanted to go on the trip for a while now. The fact that he randomly hurts my feelings like that and says I can't go because of my behaviour hurt more.

"Okay, then what is it?" I was about to say daddy! Fuck! I clench my hands tight while giving him a forced smile.

He stares at me weirdly before, looking down at some papers in front of him. "We're having transfers, late ones. I'd rather you show these guys around, since you would actually quite fit in with them—" he sighed.

What's that supposed to mean?

Before I can even ask him further about the mystery transfers, he pushes the file of papers in my direction. I lean forward on the leather chairs, clutching onto the papers he hands me and then leaning back on the comfy chair one again.

"Oooh," I stare at the mugshots of these students. "Trouble makers." I nod in approval at the list. He watches me intently, waiting for my response to his supposed question.

"Yes. A mixture of boys and girls who are perfectly just like you..." he smiles, forced. "... so what do you say? Care to give then a tour and let them fit right in?"

"Really nice, but no." I stand up from my seat. Giving him a glare, he couldn't just do that.

Not let me go on the end of year field trip to Spain for nothing. And then insult me saying these supposed "baddies" are like me. He's going to have to do something for me!

"Why not, Miss West? I'll have you know that you are in fact walking on thin ice here," he grumbles, taking out a pen and scribbling shit on a piece of paper he had.

"Because, you practically insult me, thinking I won't realise. Constantly treat me like shit with the amount of inhumane detentions you give me for the stupidest things like—swearing. Really? Jake, the midget in gym class swears and yet you say nothing but me, I get a whole ass detention, really? And then you take me off the end of year field trip which would help improve with my Spanish since I'm taking that subject as my main language," I grumble at the man, frowning.

He nods, in understanding. "I know I've been wrong, but you have a criminal record—"

"Just for parking my motorbike in a handicap spot, how was I to know I'd get arrested?" I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

Because of that stupid incident, everyone has been calling me a "baddie" just because I appeared bad and went on my motorbike most hours of the day, that didn't consider me a baddie. I was still a fluffy and cuddly human being once you get to know me.

People like Principal Feather and my annoying cousins, would never understand that.

"Fine, fine!" He hissed. "Fine, let's make a deal, West."

My eyes light up at his change of heart. My attitude simmers and I immediately grin in response, before I sit back down on my seat and scoot in closer for his proposition.

"You get these guys in, who by the way have done far more worse than you," he gulps at that, "make them good, don't influence them to do bad and then I'll see about letting you go on the field trip... alright?" He offered, sticking his wrinkly hands out.

I thought for a moment. This would be a pain in the ass. Those guys looked quite scary to be around with, that would ruin my social image forever and cause people to be frightened of me and actually think of me as a baddie.

It wouldn't be worth just going on a trip to Spain? I wanted more, I wanted what the girls in my class had, something which could ensure and give me the college scholarship I've dreamt about as a child.

"Two college recommendations, taking fondly of me and sent to the top colleges in the whole of America. By tomorrow," I cross my legs and arms, a satisfied smirk on my face.

"Surely we can agree upon something else—"

"Two recommendations, speaking fondly and very highly of me, delivered to—" I repeated with more enthusiasm and a sharper tone.

"—okay, fine, fine. " I then heard Principal Feather, mutter under his breath. "Goodness, she's just like her mother."

I didn't press on that. I knew I was like her. We both had the same attitude and looked alike—you would think we're twins.

The fact that he said that didn't upset me, since no one knew she had been admitted to the hospital about a week ago for her heart coronary disease. He said it and it made me chuckle in lightness.

I finish chuckling and he faces me with a grin. "You even chuckle like her,' I couldn't help but blush.

"Stop it, Feathers," I blush, looking away from him.

"Miss West, please don't say my informal name, we're not friends and I can't give you that privilege," He narrows his eyes.

"Sorry," I mumble.

Principal Feather could be a dick when he wanted to... but he was still the bestest principal ever. Especially when you prank him, and do dumb shit in front of him, you just cant help but laugh since it's funny.

His secretary is the victim. I love pranking her the most. She hardly says anything, because she's clueless. Gosh, I'm such a villain.

"So what do you say, Derry?" I smile at him using my first name.

Leaning forward, I let my hand out and he shakes on it.


"You be sure to keep an eye on all of them, always, at all times?" He raises his thick grey brow.

I roll my eyeballs and nod. "Duh." Before, grabbing my mini bag and binder and waving goodbye at him. I'm surprised to seeing him wave back.

When I turn around, I nearly hit his door which I'm thankful for, that I didn't.

When I walk down the hallways from the Principal's office, I notice all the students laughing at me. They all probably had the same thought...

She did bad again.

I wish they could think fondly of me. Not just because I got arrested one time for parking in a handicap spot. Yes, I also had to park my bike in the bank's handicap spot which immediately got me arrested on sight. That's how strict they were.

Of course, I never read the signs. Never did. Yet, I was about to make another mistake... right now....

I walk into the girl's toilet, dropping my binder at the sight of Hilary Wentworth and Clara Stark, making out in the farthest stall.

"I didn't see anything!"

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