Wedding of the Year (ON HOLD)

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The Leotard Queen


Tyler’s birthday party was in full swing. Nell smiled at her work – the curtains were changed to red and white, fluorescent lights moved around the large room and an Elvis Presley song was playing on the vinyl jukebox. Vincent and Selena were taking selfies with strawberry milkshakes in tall glasses. The engaged couple looked adorable with Vincent in a pair of dark, very tight jeans, a ripped white shirt and a leather jacket, his hair slicked back with a quiff at the front; classic bad boy look and Selena in a rainbow stripe dress and her hair in loose curls.

Paris was dressed in a spaghetti strapped white floral dress and was sipping a cocktail and talking to Ellie, who looked gorgeous in a dark green hi lo dress with a sweetheart neckline. Kaleb stood by the bar in a printed romper, trying to decide between Sprite and Mountain Dew (tough decision).

“Hey, Nellie.” Xander looked like a high school jock in a Hanes t shirt and denim jeans paired with a beige varsity jacket. He poked her shoulder and pointed to the tray he was holding. “Can you pick one for me?”

Nell looked down at the cupcakes. “The one with the blue icing.”

She should’ve just ordered everything of the same kind, so she wouldn’t have to choose for others.

Hope was upstairs in her room, putting on her heels when she heard a knock. “Polka dots were more popular in the 30’s, but you’re dressed to kill.”

She smiled without looking up. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“It was meant to be a line for you to fall for me.”

With a shake of her head and a smile, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a pink polka dot shirt with flare sleeves and a small knot at her waist, where a part of her abdomen was exposed and a fluid skirt billowed past her knees. A part of her brown hair was tied with a matching ribbon scrunchie and pearls decorated her ears. Nell had exceptional taste in fashion, she had to admit.

Her eyes locked on a pair of green emeralds, who was watching her like she was the only thing he could see. “Don’t I look like an actress?”

He stepped forward and with a dazzling smile. “You can put every actress in the world to shame. Shall we go now?”

She turned around to give him a quick look over. He looked handsome in a white dress shirt tucked in black slacks paired with matching tie and leather belt. His dark hair was combed neatly with a strand of hair falling over his eyes. “You look hot.”

He raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were too shy to loudly admit my undeniable hotness.”

“I’m audacious today. Enjoy while it lasts.” She hooked her arm with his and winked at him.

“Hey, pose for the camera!” Nell said as she took pictures of each in their costume. “Casey, smile!”

Casey tried to curl up her mouth, but it turned into a creepy grimace and Nell was certain that she looked like a woman standing on one leg.

Nell sighed. “Please don’t smile or try to pose. Just do your thing. Yes, that’s better.”

She looked absolutely stunning in a wine red swing dress with a transparent cape draped over her toned shoulders and her blonde hair curled up in a faux bob. Maverick approached her and held his hand out. “Would you like to dance with me?”


She thought she’d see hurt and rejection, but instead, his smile widened. “You can lead.”

“Fine.” She placed her hand in his and they walked to the center of the room, where everyone was already dancing to a song by ‘The Coasters’ band. “You look beautiful, Cass.”

“I know.” She said in a grumpy voice, her blue eyes fixed on something over his shoulder.

“Since when does Casey Parker not maintain eye contact?”

Huffing, she let her eyes rest on his face. “Happy?”

“For now.”

“Everyone!” Nell abruptly exclaimed, pointing to her right. “Here comes the thunder.”

Tyler stood at the top of the staircase, waving with the biggest grin. It’s evident that his cheeks hurt from smiling. His friends cheered as he slid down the stair railing, but the grand entrance went wrong when he face planted himself in his own cake. “Frat.”

“Were you that eager to eat the entire thing? You’re selfish.”

“You didn’t even get one good picture in that beautiful pink and turquoise pastel suit. Now, it’s ruined.”

Tyler looked up and his bright smile said that he didn’t care one bit.

“I love you, Nell whatever – your – last – name – is!” Tyler threw his arms around her. “This is the best birthday party ever! Better than Hawaiian theme or circus soiree.”

“Keeping the guests happy is my job. Happy birthday.” She awkwardly patted his back. “I know you’re grateful, but please let me go. I’m pretty sure the frosting is in my hair.”

“What’s up, biatches?”

The music stopped and all jaws dropped at the sight of Jesse Campbell walking down the stairs in a black leotard and cowboy boots. Tyler with a Rock N Roll cake face said, “Someone, please take a picture.”

“Okay.” Nell took a picture of Tyler and then one of all others with stunned faces.

“Not pictures of us.” Xander blocked the camera lens with his palm. “The leotard queen.”

As Nell took Jesse’s pictures, Paris stared at his thighs in a way too obvious manner. “Did you shave your legs?”

He nodded with a grimace. “Waxing isn’t as pain – free as they say in the commercials.”

“What did you do to your hair?” Kaleb asked, scrutinizing the side waves of his dark hair. “This is cool. You’re my new role model.”

“I know, right?” Jesse shook his butt to show his excitement. “How awesome do I look?”

Maverick chuckled. “It’s better if we don’t answer that.”

“Now that everyone’s made an appearance and stole each other’s spotlight,” Nell cleaned her lens and stood in front of a wall with Rock ’N Roll band posters hung down. “How about a group photo session?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Tyler stood in the middle, flanked by Hope and Vincent with Liam and Selena at their side, respectively. Skyler Meller sat on the bar stool right in front of Tyler, along with Vincent and Selena’s parents. Paris, Ellie, Casey, Kaleb, Maverick and Xander all somehow squeezed themselves into the frame, posing in different ways. Jesse crouched down in front of Skyler.

“Everybody say, ‘Feliz cumpleanos, Ty!’ with a cheesy grin. Uno, dos, tres!” The camera flash went off and Nell looked down to see it came out picture perfect. And then, everything went down.

Selena moved and accidentally stepped on Vincent’s foot. He cried in pain and lifted his leg only to hear the sound of his tight pants ripping. They all started to scuffle and Paris tripped on her dress, knocking everyone off and landing on top of Jesse. In seconds, all of them, except the five adults, were on the ground in a pile of dresses and leather, bursting into laughter when Xander’s wig came off. Camera flashes and clicking sounds went off at the speed of lightning.

Nell glanced at her camera and grinned in satisfaction. “Now, these are picture perfect. I’m keeping these in my portfolio next time.”

Tyler hugged his mom’s leg, just as party popper sent confetti streaming across the room. “This is the best birthday ever! Let’s get up and party the rest of the night.”

“When are we having dinner?” Ellie whined.

Jesse objected at the same time and wrapped his legs around Tyler from the back. “Not before taking a whole lot of photographs with my beau.”

A/N: Now, this is what I call birthday goals. Did you ever have a themed party for your birthday? Tomorrow i.e. Day 3, they are getting out of that island. What kind of adventures do you think the city will bring?

LOL, Katherine :)

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