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drown into a sorrowful ocean. reach for the surface but you're being pulled by the monsters that haunt your dreams. try to escape and you'll sink deeper into pain. happiness is short, what happens when he finds out you're like this. you're too sad to cry so you have to control. control it and i'll be fine. lose control and everyone will hate me. until he comes and becomes my lifeguard. i'm not suicidal but sometimes the lines get all blurry, once its peaceful the blurs become beautiful colours.

Drama / Romance
J_luv4 ~Queen-TriX6
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“SCREAM YOU FUCKING BITCH, YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME, SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING ASS UP!” I continue to slam her head on the classroom tiles. The class surrounding me in horror.

Rain tries to pull me away but I push her back.

“please stop Faye this isn’t like you” Ansel’s hands wrap around my waist trying to calm me down.

*No no no no no no NO! get away STOP* my mind goes back to the events 9 years ago. My eyes go big as I’m pulled back into reality as stop and look at my hands. Blood on my hands, bruises on my knuckles. I look around the room and I scream as the voices come back monsters that hurt me. “get away from me Ansel…” I turn my head to look at him as new trails of tears stream down my face. He shakes his head no. my blood starts boiling in fear of what I might do when I lose control.


8 years old

“stop please… mummy it hurts, I’m scared…” I look around at my surroundings everything becoming unfamiliar. She jolts my hand down and my face meets the gravel ground. “m-mu-mummy?” my voice shakes

I look back up to see what she’s doing. She grabs the rope near the door “we’re going to play a game alright” she ties the rope around my body so I can’t move. My toys scattered on the ground.

“you piece of shit you ruined my life just die already” she looks down at me with an angry smirk. Grabbing a broken piece of wood, she swings at my stomach, after counting to 7300 in my head she stops. I can’t feel my body, I try to move but it hurts. Mummy stands back up and walks towards a funny looking jug and spills the liquid around me but not on me. she pulls out her cigarette and starts smoking but after a few minutes she said bye and tosses the cigarette on the liquid, the flames start to go wild. I try to scream for help but darkness crawls into my vision.

*flashback ends*


I lost it, my hands go towards my neck by instinct feeling my nails sink deeper into my skin. I scream louder wanting the monsters to go away. My surroundings fading away from my vision… I’m drowning …please save me…

Hoped you liked it I’m still a beginner so I don’t really know much lmao. English ain’t my first language its my third so please tell me if I make any grammar mistakes. I’ll try to update every week if you like?

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