Kingston Academy For Delinquents

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Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Seriously Natalie-" my dad started and I pointed a look at him. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Nat, you can't keep doing things like this and expect me to bail you out every time." My dad said staring at me. "Dad you're a cop, it's what you're suppose to do." I said, walking to the refrigerator. I don't know what I would do without food. "Besides, I was making a statement" I said to my dad while my mouth was full of cake. He sighed again. "And what statement was that nat?" I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and gobbled down have of my bottle of water. Once I twisted the top on the bottle of water I slammed it on the table. "It is not fair that all the popular kids gets to sit at the front of the cafeteria and won't allow any one to sit at the first for tables." My dad put his face down and sighed "that's not a good enough answer Nat. He then picked his head up and looked at me. "Yeah, that's because you didn't let me finish" I said, holding up my index finger at him and he rolled his eyes. "When it's raining outside in the courtyard, students have to eat on the floor. It's not fair dad." I said and fake pouted. I thought maybe acting sad would get some sympathy from my father and hoped that he could understand the situation. "Nat-" My dad started and I jumped up "wait wait wait anddd a few of the students even started eating in the bathroom." I said pointing in the direction of our bathroom. "Sympathize with the bathroom kids. What if one of those kids were your daughter." I said, pointing at myself. "And speaking of my daughter, where do you sit while these other kids are eating in the bathroom. He questioned, raising an eyebrow at me. "How about we focus on the more important things." I said, trying to change the subject because I don't want my dad finding out my two best friends and I eat in the chemisty lab and plan out our devious plans while we do so. He only rolled his eyes. "Still Nat, your harmless pranks are starting to hurt people." I rolled my eyes and walked towards the refrigerator again to put my water bottle back in there. "Seriously, unscrewing those seats in the cafeteria left one kid with a spranged arm." I turned around with my hands on the bowl of turkey. "Okay, that was his fault. He should've had a better balance. Nobody else got hurt." I turned around, drooling over the turkey I'm about to devour. "Nat, turn around. I'm serious." I faced my father, holding the turkey and he sighed. "If anything like this happens again you're going to Kingston Academy and that's final." I widen my eyes and placed the bowl of turkey on the table. "Kingston?! Come on dad is it really that serious? The kids that go to that school are crazy. They don't get sent to that school just for doig pranks." I yelled. He glared at me and I cleared my throat. "Dad please-" I said, genuinely sad this time. "No Nat, I mean it. If this happens again you're going." I huffed loudly and placed my head on the table. "Now eat...and uh...go to sleep." He said and walked to his room. For a 8th year cop, he was never that good at penalizing me. Not that I'm complaining.

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