Best Days

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The everyday life of all these goons. Dollie, Siff, Farah, Shirllie, Luca, and Eric......

Drama / Adventure
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People...NAH monsters!

Hi!! My name is Farah Renn. I am the ever living spirit that follows Dollie around! Maybe I should give you a discription of all these goons! Let’s start with Dollie!

Dollie has yellowish dirty blonde hair. Grey skin, humongous eyes. Beauty mark on the bottom right of her lip, very red cheeks. Two black streaks coming from her eyes to her chin. Her eyes are a soft red. She wears black pants with black suspenders. And a long sleeve turtle neck with buttons.

(This world they live in is not normal😂😂)

Time for Siff!! Everyone loves Siff and he’s kind of a f boy.... Siff has a sorta maroon hair color, more brown than red. He has a little touch of red at the ends. He has brown clear skin with a beauty mark under his left eye. His eyes are golden brown. He wears a red long sleeved v turtle neck with a black shirt that’s has flames on the center of it. He wears brown pants that have two chains that come from the front pocket the the back pocket.

Time for Shirllie! Shirllie likes boys and girls but mostly girls. She has big poofy dark brown hair that has a pink streak in one side and a blue streak in the other. Her hair is in pig tails held by purple scrunchies. She has dark brown skin and on one of her cheeks she has purple blush and on the other blue. She has big pink eyes. She wears a multicolored crop long sleeved turtle neck shirt. The colors contain of purple, pink, and blue. She has light blue shorts that go to the middle of her thigh.

Lucas turn! Luca has grey hair with black tips. He and Eric age often referred to as the two sunburned shorties, they are really short. He has pink sunburned looked skin that has many many freckles. He has dark grey eyes. He wears a black collared shirt with black pants. He is very plain.

Eric... He a sort of orange hair that is very messy. Pink sunburned looking skin. Bright blue eyes. He wears a green shirt that has stripes at the rims with blue baggy pants. Also plain lol.

Last but not least me. Now you see I am only a head so I have not body. I have very long dark brown hair with a broken halo over my head. I prefer not to ever talk about my past. But maybe... I have big eyes that have pluses as pupils no eye color just black pluses in my eyes. I have brown skin and a beauty mark on the left of my bottom lip. And for all the people who say I have “perfect lips” I have perfect lips.

(No comment lol)

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