It All Started With An Explosion

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It All Started with an Explosion, literally.

Drama / Mystery
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Prologue 0.1

Prologue 0.1:

Everything was normal.

A normal life, a normal high school, a normal set of friends, a normal set of parents and a normal day, until it happened...


Neveah Flores, the daughter of CEO of Daniel Corporation and her twin, Heaven Flores, along with their friends were in the financial heart of the cracker factory of the company when it exploded.

Trying her best to save the lives of the staffs and to save herself at the same time, Neveah does whatever she could do. Just ended the Sophomore year, she couldn't believe what was happening in front of her eyes.

Moreover, she couldn't let anything happen to anyone in front of her. Like someone losing their life. Her conscious would never let her live if someone would die when she could do something.

And so she stays behind. She lets the people working there, charge at the door first, only for the door closing later.

And thus, she is clogged in a place where she couldn't even breathe by the amount of smoke present everywhere. For blast has already started somewhere in the building. The last she remembers is machine exploding in front of her, causing her to crash at something and then black.

She slips into coma.

'Cause it all started with the explosion!


Que: Will she wake up from this state?

Ans: Oh, I assure you she does! After all, she is the main protagonist.

Que: What happens next?

Ans: You have to read to find out.


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