It All Started With An Explosion

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Prologue 0.2

Prologue 0.2:

October 6,2018


Breaking news!

Blast in a factory.

The cracker factory and the warehouse for the same owned by Daniel Corporation exploded last evening. According the reports, the incident took place at around 7pm. This is the time when the workers start to head back to their homes.

The explosion took place in the main factory located in the South Wing of the premise. Because it was near the warehouse, the warehouse suffered the effects too.

Not much is known to people now. We are getting to interview the staffs about the explosion. The CEO has not yet issued any statement on the accident yet.

We will get back to the news as soon as we get to know anything. According to what have our reporters witnessed today, the factory and the warehouse have reduced to ashes. The place cannot be recognized that it held the most important area of Daniel Corporation.

How many have died? How many are injured? We have no answer to that as of now. But we will get back to you as soon as we get any information.


October 7,2018



We have a detailed insight to the explosion which took place on October 5, 2018. The CEO of Daniel Corporation, Mrs Flores issued a statement today, early in the morning about the disaster that happened in her factory.

This is all very unfortunate, she has said.

According to Mrs. Flores' statement, the explosion was an accident. One of the staffs, in order to take his leave early, forgot to shut off the appliance of cracker manufacture. As the machine was still in operation but there weren't any supply to work upon, it started to corrode.

After that, the thing happened. There was a short circuit near the machine. And then the explosion took place.

The factory and the warehouse have reduced to shreds. There is a huge loss of wealth, no doubt. According to the the reports, three staffs of the administration department have unfortunately lost their lives in the disaster.

What is more shocking is: One of the daughters of the CEO has slipped into comatose state due to the explosion. Apparently, Mrs. Flores' daughters and their friends were at the scene when it took place. For what reasons, it is not yet exactly known.

Some of the staffs, though say that they were their to collect some file from the administration department. One daughter went inside the administration when suddenly explosion started.

She unfortunately couldn't save herself, helping the staffs there. We don't know the details about her condition as of now.

We will get back to the story again as we get the details.

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