It All Started With An Explosion

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Prologue 1.0

Prologue 1.0:

Dear Nevaeh,

I really don't know how to start this letter. I never thought that a day would come where I would be writing a letter to communicate with you. Remember, when we both used to groan out loud whenever we had to write a letter to someone as an answer in exams? You would say and I quote, "Who even writes a letter and wait for days for the reply when you can just text and get the answer in sec." Good old times!

But now here I am, sitting on the table in your room thinking what to write and what not. There is so much to tell you and at the same time, there isn't. For one, I want to pour my heart out here but then I don't want to scare you with the loads.

It has been a week since you left home and have gone to live in that stupid, smelly place. You know, ever since you have gone, Liam is going crazy. He starts crying over the littlest of things and calls for you. He brings your teddy, Scooby, to my room at night and sleeps with it on one side and me on the other.

Mom has lost herself in her work and pretends that you haven't gone anywhere. She talks normally to everyone but I have seen her lost in her thoughts. Dad is more affected than mom. He comes home earlier than usual.

School has started already, but it's not the same without you. There is no one to annoy me when I arrive late at the cafeteria. There is no one who would hear my nagging when that science teacher decides to take a longer class.

Everyone is trying their best to cheer me up. Dad is bringing me my favorite ice cream, and even got me a teddy from Build-A-Bear, which he made himself. But he doesn't know how to bring what I really want. It is you who I want.

I miss you, Nev. I miss you so bad. I am not the same without you. We are not same without you. I think about you in everything I do. Even when I go to pee, I remember you peeing on the bed, when we were kids. And it is so bad in school.

I usually spend my time sitting on the bleachers, doing homework. But you know, even there I see us sitting and commenting on the boys as they play. Remember, whenever I used to point a guy drool worthy, you would just make a face and point out all, literally all, the defects you can muster in him. You were always like a tomboy, little sis.

Okay fine, before you go all hulk on me, not a tomboy. But a little less girly. Happy now?

Things are not the same, Nev. We haven't lived apart ever, not even for a day and now, you just left me here without any note or statuary warning. You are my first partner. We have been together since we were in mom's womb. And now.... I miss you so so much, lil.

Love you loads!

Come back soon,

Wake up soon.

Your sister,


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