Rejected Mate

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Rejection by a mate is the worst thing that could happen to werewolf. Rejected for my sister that's another thing. Everyone agreed that I should be rejected because they thought I wasn't cut out to be a Luna. My sister the pack thought she was perfect for the role even my own family. My mate the alpha didn't want me. My family didn't believe in me always choose my sister even though we are twins. With the rejection and everything else that was happening I did the best thing I could do for myself. I RAN!!

Drama / Fantasy
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Four years ago

I'm sitting here at the airport about to board my flight wondering why everything went wrong in my life. My parents are both beta's they have five children total. I was the second youngest while my twin sister was Five minutes younger then me. My whole life my three older brothers always preferred her. They wanted nothing to do with me. My parents on the other hand they are suppose to love all their children equally. In my case that was never a issue I always always the discarded child. My mother is the only one who ever cared for me. I'm sitting here wondering what I did to be unloved, forgotten and betrayed by my own family and friends. I always knew I was going to leave and never come back to this place. I didn't think I would be leaving at eighteen.

I was rejected my my mate for twin sister Emily. My made Hudson didn't think I was Luna material. My sister on the other hand he thought she was perfect. He did in front of everyone in the school. No one came to my defense they all agreed. They turned there back on me. They all agreed that I wasn't good enough to be Luna of the pack. I don't get why me and my sister look the same. We have the same body structure and everything. I ran from school and went home crying to my parents. My mom was heartbroken for me. While my dad and brothers agreed that it was for the best. Later that night Hudson announced that Emily would be Luna. Everyone was so happy that she was going to be Luna. I knew I needed to leave because I couldn't be there and watch them happy while my heart is crushing on the inside. My friends turned there back on me. My Family turned their back on me and by family I mean my twin, brothers and dad. They all agreed Emily was way more fit to be Luna. My dad and brothers told me that Emily is better and should be Luna. The whole pack told me she is beautiful, strong, smart and friendly to everyone. I have those same traits but they didn't seem to care. That moment I realized the only family I had was my mom. My twin Emily told me you should be happy that I'm happy. She told me it's for the best. She told me I didn't deserve his love but she did. Everyone agreed with what she was saying. My friends turned there back on me. My Dad and brothers agreed with Emily. I always knew they preferred her over me. I was heartbroken that no one wanted me not even my own brothers and dad. Emily was always wrapped around there little finger. My mom is the only one besides my friends that treated us equally. In this moment those people I thought were my friends turned out not to be my friends. I knew I had to leave or this place would kill me. My mom gave me money and told me to leave because she didn't want to see me broken. She told me not to tell her where I am going because she didn't want anyone to chase and hunt me down and bring me back. She dropped me off at the airport and said she loved me and I would always be her daughter. Here I am getting ready to leave California and board a flight to France. Hopefully they will never find me because I don't think I could ever go back there.

I was betrayed by my Mate Hudson

Betrayed by my Dad, Brothers and Twin Sister

Betrayed by my friends

And betrayed by my pack.

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