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THIS is the story of three friends

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1

story start now the story is three best friend nami,kri and dj

they born together and after that they do everything together

kri amd nami are girl

dj is a boy

kri is badass girl

if any one is scare and bully dj or nami

kri beat them

and if dj and kri forget their homework namei is the who help them

Dj is fun loving boy

how cracks joke and

they are team

but after 10th kri go another city for exam

and after 12th nami father transform

so, they got separated

4 year later

after their collage graduation

they got same university

their first day of university

first entrance

kri come with her gang and she is gang leader

she enter bike

she live with his big sister

kri parent die in car accident

second entrance

nami come but now she have a bit alone personality

because she was intelligent so ,she was bit rude

last entrance

Dj come with scare personality

because dj don’t have any friend, dj bully easily

dj play video games alone and dj does not speak with anybody

dj mother try to speak with him

dj doesn’t listen

and after one year his mother die

and dj thought about his mom words

and after one year he was doing what his mom said

everyone enter

last one enter in the room is DJ

Kri and nami in shocked after seeing dj

dj give intro

after that one member of make joke of dj

kri stop him

but they never talk

after lecture

one bad boy bullying dj

and punch dj but he forcely take his wallet

crowed come and every seeing dj but dj give uppercut to this boy

and he knockout

the spirit of fighting back come because his mother in the wallet

and after that he run away

nami and kri follow him but he run that fast they don’t catch with him

but they worry about him

and when he come to his apartment he talk to his dad about what happen in university

He- dad i don’t know

dad- its ok just get back on your self and remember about what mom say

happen is happen we did not change it but what we can do it move forward


he go to university and boy come and say sorry to him

about what happen yesterday

the thing id kri beat him but he does not say because kri stop him to say his name

and he come to class teacher question every and she a kri name

he shocked by listen kri name he does not know the kri and nami in the class with him

the situation of these three are same

kri fight with his and doing all kind of bad thing like smokimg because she was alone

Nami alone we all know

dj also alone

so, these have a same kind of situation

one Dj just sitting on lake side

nami coming from market

he was talking to his mom pic

and she go after taking one big breath

nami - what happen ?

dj - why are you here ?

nami - what happen to you you are not like that sss

dj - why are you here kown wher are when i want you most with shouting

nami - bad thing happen not only happen with you

you don’t know about one thing what happen with me

you don’t about kri

next a football team pratice and one of member approch him for trial because they are lack one member

and he accept and when playing nami and kri watching him

when playing it look like a game to him and he play really well

they all socked and after that he was selected in the team

after month he change he got more confident

and he was studying in home he got grade up

one day after university he was waiting for nami and nami

dj - sorry for what happend other day and sorry for when you want me most im not there

nami - with small smile it ok

dj - so, now we are friends

nami - yes we are

with handshake

after that they go university together

and all the thing between sorted


one nami and dj just walking and they got the news that kri was arrested by police

and they run fast to the police station

kri in the lockup

and they talk to police man

police- kri was arrested because kri was robberring a store but the thing was that kri face is not clear in CCTV

dj - kri was with us all time

nami - yes he was right

police - you are saying lie the cctv have a kri face

dj - it is not clear

and policeman confused

and he free kri

after that kri was run away

and she did not come school

after 1 week passed

one dj and nami go to kri house

they knock the door

kri open and shut the the door but they knock many times and kri open the door and say just go away

dj block the door with his hands

and dj bracelet broke

dj injure

kri just open the door let them in but kri and nami both stop in dj hand

because dj hand a cut mark

after that sit dj notice what kri and nami seeing

and dj say

dj - you want know what it is

kri and nami say yes

dj - this mark is from when i commeted suicide

they shocked

dj - when mom die i commeted suicied and dad help and after that i did not try

kri and nami just focused on dj face

a drop water come from dj eyes

dj - just give me one min

kri and name both hugged dj

and say your are not alone

they all cry because they are in same page

and dj say to kri

happen is happen we does not change is but what we do is move forward

and all thing are sorted just after that kri big sister come and seeing them say wait a min i know you two

dj say di you don’t remember me

kri di say you are dj and nami

they all say yesssss

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