Of darkness book 1 light and dark

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for every darkness , a secret lies beneath and for every light, a truth shines beneath for love is greater than hate but hate is denser than love. This is the story of darkness,of Hope and of supernaturals and for new beginnings and dark endings for blood is thicker than water and love is powerful than blood. This is the first book in a series named of darkness which is still in the planning phase. All rights reserved @2020

Drama / Romance
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I looked out the window and felt a migraine hit me and blinked twice to focus. The moon was full and at it's Apex ,the dark hour had arrived and my nightmares had begun all over again. I walked out of the boys dormitory and walked towards the girls dorm with one person in mind Rachael ,I had to talk to her, tell her the truth of what I really am, of the monster I hate to be but I am for it was weighing on me that I had to hide things from my best friend ,maybe she would understand and maybe I would have a confidant who I can rely on cause that's what friends are for.

My head feels tipsy and bones weak as I near the door at the end of the large hall, so I hold the wall to my right for support. I turn the door knob and open the cranky door as it moans loudly but not enough for the fifty girls in the room to wake up.

I walk up slowly to the second last bed to my left at the other end close to the window with a cardboard for a window pane.

I look at the angel before me and smile in amusement of her peace and the gorgeousness of her face as I sit next to her and she turns. I brush off the loose hair on her face to observe more of her features and let them sink deep in my head as I tape them into memories, the smile on her face ,she is the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen in my whole life and the seconds she turns from complete Pain and agony to a powerful emotion down my spine. She is the only one of her kind,brunnete hair with hazel eyes and dark brows.

Suddenly my nose feels cold and I feel a trickling motion towards my upper lip and I direct my hand to touch it only to see a crimson fluid on the tip of my fingers and I reconsider my decision and start walking away.

I was halfway to the door when my eyes dimmed and I sat on the bed closest to me and shut my eyes closed for a minute then open them again only this time everything seemed darker than it should and the only light I could see, was on the tip of my eyes, I looked at it to see the luminous light of the moon above me and felt a screeching pain in my eyes and up my nostrils and I find myself lying on the bed close to Veronicah and gasping for breath.

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