The family I never knew I had

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17 years ago Amber's mom had an affair against her husband. Which resulted her in having Amber. Her mother never told her husband the truth nor her older sons. 17 years later something happens which results in Amber's biological father coming into her life. How will she feel and how will her family feel.

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17 years ago

Amber's mom Jessica was visiting New York for her fashion show while her husband and three sons were back in California. She never knew what was going to happen later that night after the show was done. Jessica decided to go out with a bunch of her friends from the show. Jessica and her friends decided to go to a a club called Jordan's. This is the place that all Celebrities and famous people go. Little did she know what was going to happen in the next few hours. After partying for a few hours Jessica was drunk and she meet a Handsome man named Jackson. Both of them were really drunk and decided to have a one night stand together. After the one night stand Jessica woke up and immediately regretted what she did. She was so upset with what she did she never told anyone. One month later she found out that she was pregnant with Jackson's baby. She decided to tell her husband that the baby was his and her husband Connor never questioned it. She never told Jackson the truth about how they were going to have a kid together. She knew that he had his own family and that he was also CEO of his families company in New York. She didn't want her reputation to be ruined so she never told Jackson about the pregnancy. Jessica didn't want Jackson's named or marriage to be ruined either. Little did she know that him and his wife are no longer together. She didn't want him having any more on his plate he already had six sons at home. More importantly Jessica didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She knew she would love her new baby unconditionally and support him or her in any way possible. Little did Jessica know she would end up hurting everyone instead. Little did she know that all of the secrets would be revealed 17 years later when Amber is Sixteen and visiting New York.

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