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"Can you promise me something?" She asked "When the day that you realize you really can't develop your feelings for me comes, can you tell me directly? It was my choice to enter your life, I want it to still be my choice if I'm going to leave, that way it would be less painful" She put up a comforting smile and waited for his answer. "I don't want to lose you" He said looking at her with tears welling up in his eyes. She put up a brave smile and asked again. "Why?" "I don't know" And there she knew, she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she leaves him, that's just how life works, she thought as tears ran down her cheeks.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Those who are in the First Aid Unit kindly bring the water jug to the training ground”

Was that supposed to be part of our job? I look around, Pierce is absent for today because of church activities and I don’t really know anyone since I only started attending this university this year.

No one from our unit is actually obeying that order. I let out a deep sigh and stood up and was about to grab the water jug when an arm started lifting it up.

“Let me, girls should not carry something this heavy, it’s bad for your body”

I squinted my eyes as I watch him carry the water jug unto the training ground.

Gentleman? Hah more like a sexist. I came from a family with a long line of being soldiers. That tradition ended with my father’s generation but that does not mean that my grandpa stopped there. Since I was the eldest grandchild I was trained to be a military personnel, and I have my whole life planned out for me.

Be a reservist, graduate with a bachelor’s degree then take the exam and render service as a military personnel. Simple as that, but first you need to be acknowledge by your superiors as someone trustworthy rather than being a burden in the unit.

I followed the guy who carried the water jug to the training ground and stood in formation. Since I am 5 foot and 4 inches tall, a little bit taller than girls my age if I must say, I lined up in front of the formation next to the shortest guy in our unit.

I stared at the guy’s back, I think he’s a bit taller than me by an inch or two, his skin color looks scorched like he’s actually been under the sun for about a year or two. Well, that’ll be my future skin color apparently but I’m originally whiter than everyone else in the unit.

“Guess you’ve met Leonel”

I look at the girl standing beside me, she’s in the same unit as me, about an inch smaller than me but we’re about the same body size.


She nodded and smiled before looking at the guy whom I’ve been staring since formation started.

“Leonel Cydel Ramir, he’s going to be our platoon leader since he’s an *EMT Officer.

“He’s only a first year isn’t he?”

“Yeah born in 1996, same age as me”

She pointed herself before lending her hand as an introduction.

“Annika by the way”

I shook her hand and smiled.

“Qian, born in 1998 btw hahaha”

I laughed when her eyes widened when I mentioned my birth year.

“1998? Did you even undergo Senior High School?”

“Nope, I took the acceleration program exam. I skipped two years in senior high”

That’s the reason why I don’t know anyone in this school, I have my guy best friend who went through the acceleration program exam too but again he has his reasons for not attending today’s training.

“That’s sick, you must be smart”

“I’m so-so I guess haha so you two must be acquaintances?”

I pointed at Leonel who is still busy talking to some of the officers.

“Yeah, he’s friends with my older sister that’s why”

I stared at him again, an EMT Officer at his age? That’s quite an achievement, I’m guessing it’s his dream. Not a moment later he looked at us and gave us a smile.

Well, he’s not handsome but he does look good. I chuckled lightly at myself. I’m here for a training not for a love story.

But he did made a lasting impression on me, why? I’m actually big boned, not petite, not chubby, just big boned. It’s like I have the body of a man, that’s what my aunts and uncles always say. Having a body like that, I was always expected to be able to carry heavy objects even though I’m a girl. That’s why I felt different when a man actually offered to carry it instead of letting me do it.

“Okay, for now I’ll be giving a preliminary exam so we’ll know up to what extent your knowledge in first aid is.”

After the exam he gave us an ample amount of time to eat lunch. I went with Annika since she became like my buddy today .

“So you’re from a long line of soldiers too?”

Annika gave me a nod before continuing to eat her food.

“But I’m studying engineering because that’s my dream, how ‘bout you?”

“I don’t have one”

I simply answered. Annika stared at me like I gave the wrong answer and she was waiting for a more realistic one.

“I really don’t have one, I’m just living my current life that’s all”

“That’s impossible, you must have one as a child?”

“Well, I did dreamt of being a nun when I was a kid”

She looked at me with so much disbelief before dismissing the subject and continuing eating.

I stared at her, I do wish I have a dream but no I don’t need it. I’ve already set my goal and I’m going to accomplish that.

*EMT – Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

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