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Chapter 2

Pierce scooted over my place as I sat on class. I arrived pretty much early because I didn’t took the detour to school like how I always do.

“What did I miss?”

I looked at him and took my notes out to read something before class begins.

“I made a new friend, her name is Annika and an EMT Officer became our platoon leader.”

“That Annika? Is she sexy? Pretty?”

I squinted my eyes and looked at him with so much disgust. This is Pierce Kael Alad, he’s been my bestfriend since kindergarten and believe me when I say, he’s a womanizer.

“Oh please, flirt with anyone except for Annika, that girl is too good for you”

He gave me a pout before looking on ahead.

“If you say so.”

I smiled lightly before taking out my phone, I remember I received a message earlier in Facebook but never opened it.

Leonel Cydel Ramir sent you a message.

Leonel? Ahhh that Leonel. I opened his message and saw that he sent me the lesson he’ll be discussing for the next training day.

I wonder why he was sending me this, regardless I decided to send a reply

Uhh.. what’s this for?

Did that sound too rude? Oh he’s typing.

You got the highest in the prelim exam so I thought you can have an advance reading and help others :)

I did? He was the only one who checked our papers so I really don’t know what my score is. I looked at my phone again when I heard a reply.

Annika also told me that you’re an accelerated student.

Hah, does he really think I’m a push over? I certainly do not like teaching other people when they can just study for themselves.


That’s it, that’s my reply. Having a friend or two is enough, I certainly do not plan to hang out or befriend everyone else in that unit.

”Ramir? Oh look it sounds like your surname”

I looked at Pierce who was already taking a peep at my phone.

“It’s two letters away from my name you know.”

“Who is that btw?”

“Our platoon leader.”

“Oh the EMT Officer, why? Did he asked for your help?”

I was about to answer him when I heard another notification.

Thanks. See you next Sunday.

You look good in your dp btw

My eyes squinted at his last message.

“Ohhhh Harriett are you finally gonna have a love interest?”

“Shut up Pierce”

“What? Come on it’s finally the chance to let people know that you’re not a lesbian.”

I glared at him more for bringing up that topic.

“I’m only citing the facts here Harriett, you’re 16, you never had a first love, nor a first kiss, nor a first real date.”

“I did have my first kiss Pierce. Christmas party, 4th year high school, the kissing game which you invented. REMEMBER?”

I emphasized the word remember since I hated him so much for inventing that game.

“Anyway so are you two you know a fling?”

“I am nowhere near being his friend and you already made an assumption that he’s my fling?”

“Well, he complimented you. Guys compliment someone they like you know.”

“Correction. Guys LIKE YOU compliment the woman you like. Guys like him compliment PEOPLE not just girls”

“Ohhh so that’s nowhere near being his friend”

I suddenly realized what I just said. Did I just defended Leonel? Wait of course not.

“It’s called citing a fact Pierce, besides you’re a womanizer and everyone in the platoon can see that he’s not like that.”

And as if to irritate me more, Pierce made a look like he does not believe a single word I just said.

I rolled my eyes and focused on the notes I was reading earlier.

I let out a deep sigh when I can’t get that message out of my mind. I fished my phone out again and typed a message.

Thanks. You look good in your dp too. See you Sunday.

It’s just an ordinary compliment Qian, complimenting back will make you feel at ease.

I was about to put away my phone when I heard another notification.

Thanks. I’m excited hahaha.


What’s there to excite him? Do we have an event next Sunday? I don’t think so.

Yea excited to see you again :)


That message sends a variety of misunderstanding does he even know that.

I said I’m kind of excited to see everyone.

Oh. He should really clear up how he sends his messages.

Me too :)

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