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Chapter 3

“I think he likes you”

I squinted my eyes and looked at Pierce who is standing beside me while I take notes.

“Stop making assumptions will ya?”

“I am not, he has been sending me death glares since I came”

I glanced at Leonel’s place and he’s staring straight ahead. He’s not even looking at our direction, I turned to look at Pierce and raised an eyebrow.

“Have you finally become gay?”


“You better shut it or the platoon leader will really send you death glares”

Pierce eyed me before leaning over, I scooted back a little but his face is still only inches away from mine.

“You know we’ll get in trouble because of this right?”

“I know, I just want to confirm something”

I squinted my eyes and waited a little more before opening my mouth to say something but as soon as I did I heard our surnames being called.

“Ramirez, Alad”

I looked over and saw Leonel standing in front of us. Pierce immediately fixed his posture and stood beside me.

“We are currently in training session, I would like to clear it that flirting within training periods is prohibited”

“So that means you’re also prohibited from flirting sir?”

I sneak a glance at Pierce and he has this serious face like he’s not intimidated not even the slightest at Leonel’s aura. Which is a scary aura let me tell you in advance.

“You do not get to ask questions when you’re not at ease soldier”

The two of them were staring intently at each other that I can’t avoid to think that I was inside a Yaoi Manga with the two of them being the main characters.

Qian, suppress your inner thoughts.

Not a moment later they both looked at me.

“Just don’t flirt while in training”

After saying that he walked away without looking back even for a second.

“Hah I knew it, he does like you”

I raised an eyebrow before shaking my head.

“You mean he likes you, that intent stare says it all”

I smiled when I saw his appalled look.

“Harriett you clearly do not know anything about a boy’s point of view”


The day went on with people explaining the MS-1 Module after that an exam was given but since we’re in the Medics Unit we went on a separate training room to learn about First Aid.

While some EMT personnel were teaching, Pierce was called to the office because apparently he received the highest score in the exam for comprehensive abilities.

As I was taking down notes, Leonel sat down next to me because Annika was also absent today due to health issues. I did not mind him and continue taking down notes. It seemed like he was not in a good mood today so I also did not bother asking him, after all we are not that close to begin with.

“So, where’s your boyfriend?”

I stared at him but he was just staring up front.

“Are you asking me?”

“Who else?”

He then looked at me.

“I’m confused though, am I in a relationship that I do not know about?”

He raised an eyebrow before looking up as if he was thinking before finally laughing at himself.

“Have you gone crazy?”

“Hahahahaha maybe by the way”

He then lean over, as if copying what Pierce did earlier. This time I moved my head back because clearly I am not comfortable with him doing it.

He stared at me for a second before finally speaking.

“You misspelled the word Resuscitation. It’s supposed to be S-U-S-C-I instead of S-U-C-I”

I looked at my notes and realized that I really did misspell it.

“So you were looking at my notes?”

“Can’t I?”

He then moved back to his seat and crossed his arms.

“I did not say you couldn’t”

“Nice handwriting by the way”

I squinted my eyes.

Did he just complimented me? Oh wait no he complimented my handwriting.

Not a moment later, Pierce came back and Leonel stood up so he can sit on the back.

“What happened?”

“Was that your doing?”

He laughed sarcastically.

“Did he asked if I was your boyfriend?”

“Pierce you need to stop”

“But I’m not doing anything Harriett, I’m simply making you notice that the guy likes you.”

“No one can like me”

He looked at me but I had my eyes forward.

“Is she bothering you again?”

“We barely talk nowadays”

He let out a deep sigh before shaking his head. Being or falling in love is the last thing I need in my life.

Pierce did not dig deeper in the topic and instead focused on what they were teaching us. While I was trying to suppress unwanted memories that are resurfacing.

I told myself that I would never think about those things ever again.

Come on, you know you’re not smart enough to outrun me.

You really think you can get away from me?

That’s the most absurd thing I ever heard.


I was snapped out of my reverie when I heard Leonel calling my name.

“Step out for a minute and come with me”

I looked at Pierce before closing my notebook.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“I don’t think you even did anything”

I walked outside the room and Leonel was standing there back against the wall. When he saw me he started walking, I assumed I was supposed to follow him so I did.

There was silence along with space between us, I could clearly see his physique again. I wonder how much hours he had put on to maintain such physique.

We reached the other end of the hallway where a mini canteen is put up every Sunday for the trainees.

“What are we doing here?”

“I thought you might need a break”

I looked at him and stepped closer.

“Do you like me?”

He stared at me for a second before laughing.

“Is that what this looks like?”

“Actually I don’t care but I would like it if you don’t do this again, these things can be misunderstood as favoritism. If you would excuse me, I’ll go back to the room”


He stopped me from walking and faced me.

“It’s not favoritism, I just thought I might have gone too far earlier since you became weird after I left so I thought I’d make up for it”


“I mean.. how do I put this”

I looked at him and he was already scratching his head.

“You normally have a serious and quiet aura but you smile a lot. You even smile at complete strangers but earlier when I sort of teased you, you froze up and when Alad came back your aura kind of changed.”

I blankly stared at him before bursting into laughter.

“Wha--, why are you laughing?”

“Because what you just said was weird, so you admit that you were teasing me earlier? So what? You really like me?”

“So what if I am?”

I stopped laughing and saw his stern face.

“Is that something to laugh at?”

“How can you even say that when you had known me for just a week?”

He stepped forward and leaned on my face with his.

“Then let’s just say that I am attracted to you. I hope you look forward to it, Ramirez”

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