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Chapter 4

I hope you look forward to it.

Look forward to what?

Look forward for the stuff he’s going to do to make me feel uncomfortable?

“So Qian how’s school?”

I glanced at my mother before continuing to chow down my food.


“Make sure to get high grades so you can apply as a dean’s lister next semester. At the very least help me lessen your tuition fees and other expenses.”

“Yes mom”

I saw my brother grimacing beside me. If there’s one thing that our parents are concerned about especially my mom, It’s our academic and financial standing.

“How many more months ‘till you finish ROTC”

“Until the end of the school year”

“Finish it up early and get that certificate then start searching for a part time job. It’s getting harder to provide for the four of us.”

All I can do is to purse my lips when deep inside all I want to do is shout.

It has always been like this. Nothing has changed, ever since I was a kid, they have not thought of anything besides school and money. Not even bothering to ask anything personal about me.

I finished my food and went straight to bed. I opened my phone and saw three messages. Two from Pierce, one from Leonel.

I opened the one from Pierce

Guess what?

I’ll give you a clue. N E W.

I replied immediately.

What? New Girlfriend?

After I had sent my reply I opened Leonel’s message. My brows furrowed, his message was a voice clip. I searched for my earphones, just to be sure. Nowadays, it’s a trend to send voice clips of women moaning, apparently many people find that funny.

But instead of those voice clip pranks what I heard was him singing. I continued listening to his own version of Somebody to you by the Vamps. His voice is not that great but it has a soothing effect. When the song finished I typed him a message.

Was that your voice? Or are you trying to catfish someone?

Of course I knew it was his voice, I hear him everytime we have a training and it’s not the kind of voice you can easily forget.

I opened Pierce’s message, this time it was a picture of what looks like a transfer sheet.

New school. Mom is pushing me to transfer to another school. I’ll leave in a week.

I was stunned for a second but after a while I managed to send a reply to him.

Really? Good for you, goodluck.

Was that the right response? In cases like this I still don’t know how to react.

We’ve been together since kindergarten and it’s not like he’ll move to the province and we’ll stop contacting each other.

A second later Pierce and Leonel replied at the same time. I opened Leonel’s reply first.

I was trying to catfish a smile from you.

I chuckled silently.

How would you even know if I’m smiling or not?

I then opened Pierce’s message.

I still have a week. Let’s eat outside tomorrow my treat.

I replied with a single ok and put my phone away.

What am I so anxious for? It’s just Pierce going to another school, aside from that, only little will change in my daily life.

“Ate, can you wash the dishes tonight? I have homework”

“Yea sure”

I was about to get up when I heard my phone ring.

You tell me. Did my voice made you smile or not?

I do not know if it’s confidence or arrogance.

Maybe you can edit your voice to a much softer tone then I’d be able to smile.

Of course that was a lie, his voice was already quite nice to hear.

In denial are we, Qian Harriett. Well I’ll make sure to see that smile again. Goodnight Qian.

Wow so this is what he meant to look forward too.

I chuckled slightly and shook my head. This guy is impossible. He has only known me for more than a week and yet he has the audacity to tell me these things.

Well, if there is one thing that he succeeded on doing. It’s making me forget about the fact that my bestfriend will be moving to another university, and apparently making me smile. But of course I’ll never tell him that, I feel like he’s the type of person to smile arrogantly whenever he feels like it.

Those type of persons are the ones that are easy to play with.

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