The doll maker: a short story

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The story is about a woman who often gets attacked by people who wants her eyes of diamond. It is a story about how she takes revenge, and gets to do the only thing she have to do.

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A short story:

“Can’t you just shut up”, she hits him in the head with an umbrella again. He can’t take it anymore and lose consciousness. “Great”, the woman says to herself and drag him into the store. The dolls look down on the man lying motionless like them.

“So, you need another friend? It is so many people showing up this days. They surely want my diamond eyes. Not too hard to break a person made of porcelaine”, she says to the dolls, then drags the man to the room behind the store. There there is other creatures trying to break her and get her eyes. This is a scary world to have porcelaine skin and diamond eyes.

Everyone wants something to pay with, and it is not easy to get a job. She hears the bell ring, someone is visiting the store. “Hi, is it something special you are looking for” “No, thank you” “Ask me if you need help”. The man walks around, than picks up a doll. Blond little girl with diamond eyes. The diamond eyes reflect the light and make it dance around in the dark little shop.

“This doll looks like you”. The owner smiles “oh, thank you. She is beautiful, isn’t she”, the shop owner looks longingly at the doll. “I will take it” “Great it will cost a favor. “That is expensive, will you tell me what you want?” “I would like you to come back tomorrow and burn this place down.

The man looks doubtfully at her. “What?” “You heard what I said. Write under this if you want to have the doll”, she takes out a old paper. Looks like it have seen three hundred years pass. The man writes slowly under. “Oh, yeah one more thing. Please care about this doll as you would care about your child”

“I should be able to do that” “thank you”, the man walks out with the doll under his arm. He missed his child. He needed a replacement, even if it did look nothing like his kids. The woman in the store watch him leave. “Now I have done everything I need”. She walks back in the room.

First she wake up the man who came today, then she press the umbrella through his head. He screams, than slowly he shrinks and get porcelaine skin. Now he is a doll. He can’t do anything and can’t feel anything. He is more or less dead.

She does that with all the woman and all the men, but one. She goes to sleep and wake up early the next day. She walks to the man left. First she locks the door and throw out the key in a small hatch then she wakes up the man who killed her sister. Her sister that she sold to the stranger who was gonna burn this man.

She wakes him up than shoves the umbrella through her own skin. She lets him burn alive, awake and scared. Slowly she gets turned into a doll, then the smoke comes.

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