Second Chance: My Journey to My Love

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Chen Ziyi is just an ordinary girl. She was a girl from a branch family, lived with her divorced father, not entangled with any rich man, not in a relationship then get betrayed, went to a good university, worked for a good company. Her life are very ordinary right. But is it really just that? "You have more than what you think" "You don't need to think about other thing. Just think of what you desire most" When she was given a chance to turn back time, little did she knew her decision affected many lives around her. "I thought you likes me" "I do like you" "Then, why are you with them?" "They are my friends." "Ummmmmph! Why are we doing PDA here?" "Because they are your friends" Follow Chen Ziyi's story go back to the past living her second chance, walking on a different path that will bring her to meet friends that she missed, rivals that she should have met, and love ones that she can have. Follow the story on how Chen Ziyi overcome her roller-coaster emotion losing a father figure that she longed for in her life and how she will bring herself living with different choices. Follow the story to the end to know why and how was Chen Ziyi was chosen to have that opportunity.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 - If I can turn back time

25 February 2020.

Two young girl of different age were seen sitting facing each other.

“What if I say we can turn back time and go back to the past?” The younger one asked. Her question made the slightly older one raised an eyebrow at her.

“If... If you can really turn back time and go back to the past, will you take the chance?”

“You...Girl.. ” The older one seemed surprised and dumbfounded at the question.

“Don’t you have things that you not satisfied with your current life and maybe some regrettable past?”

“Don’t you have slight upset with your life that you will for sure pay back if you go back when you were young?′


“I am not sure if I have any revenge that I want to take on.” Chen Ziyi laughed bitterly at how their small chat were going to. The girl looked at her with her doubting expression, indicating she did not believe whatever Chen Ziyi told her.

“Well I do have few things that I am not happy with in my current life. But, don’t you think this is normal for adult like us? I mean life is just like that, right? I am not one who had romance with some underground lord or masters from some high class family to have dark tense drama. My household? There are so many other much more powerful and prominent families compared to mine for us to have some situation fighting for inheritance or throne among ourselves. I-, my life is not that special.”

I am just Chen Ziyi.

Few hours ago....

It was the ends of February, as usual when it came to ends of month, Chen Ziyi along with another two employee would spending the night to work on their month-end closing. It was their work to collect, review and keep all accounting data was organized and accounted for without missing any transaction.

It was 9 at night when she glanced at the digital clock on the wall behind her. “I am done for the night. I will continue tomorrow,” thinking it was time to stop her work, Chen Ziyi told her colleagues while she still working on a few things on her laptop. The colleague also glanced at the clock and nodded.

“Yeah, you should go already. Take the cab. It is dangerous already for ladies like us who has no boyfriend to pick us up, to walk alone or take bus at night.” Another girl who spend the night together joined the conversation.

“How about you?” Chen Ziyi asked the girl. She turned off her laptop before took all the documents she had just now to keep them in a cabinet which later was locked. She then put the key in a small pouch which was later kept in her drawer. It was a double security that Chen Ziyi did to keep the document safe and not vulnerable for any theft or sabotage.

“My brother will pick me up later. So I don’t mind to work until 12. In addition, I got permission to come to work at ten tomorrow. I can have my good sleep until nine.” The girl gave her answer before she drank her coffee.

After making sure everything is clean on her table, she grabbed her tote bag and excused herself. Checking all her things was in her bag, she entered the elevator and went to the lobby level. She decided to take a walk before took a cab at a nearest park she was going to.

It was when she had a nice ponder sitting on a bench at a park when a girl who age like 19 to 20 years old suddenly came to her and invited her to have a chat. She was unguarded for that but later cautiously guarded her bag.

The girl was talking about going back to the past and what would she do if she herself have the chance. Although the girl had soft look, she emitted a scholar aura so Chen Ziyi could not helped but to listen to what the girl talked about. The girl herself seemed like she had her own issue that she wished she could go back to her past to deal with the issue.

While feeling peculiar about the girl and the idea that the girl was walking about, Chen Ziyi was going along with the topic with no intention to ridicule the girl. Compared to the girl’s detailed list of things she wanted to do if she could turn back time, her answers was more on common thing. The chat ended with the girl asked her to have a thought on which exactly period that Chen Ziyi would love to go if she was given the chance to have that moment.

At that time, she already started to feel worn out and just want to go back to have sleep. So she thanked the girl before called for a cab. When she arrived at the house that she had stayed for 10 years already, the living room was dark. ‘There’s no dad’s and big brother’s car. They might be spending all-night again at the company,’ Chen Ziyi thought to herself.

When she went up the stairs, she heard moans and sound of bed cracking. The beds in the house all made from wood, and it was already few years, so there would be the cracking sounds if the weight of the person who lie on top of the bed exceeded the limit weight that the bed can bear.

Listening the pleasures and inexplicable moans, Chen Ziyi frowned and quickly rushed to her room as she did not want to listen more than that. She was not a fool to guess what kind of heat activities the couple in the room were doing.

There were three bedroom on the same floor. It was in a sequence of Zheng Shuyu’s, the room where the moans came from and the nearest to the stairs, Zheng Haozu’s, their second brother, and lastly, hers which was at the end of hallway.

Initially, Zheng Haozu’s room was supposed to be Chen Ziyi’s. The size of the room was larger than the one she currently own. Zheng Haozu’s room should be on the second floor, same floor with their first brother and their father. But Zheng Haozu snatched it away from her making excuses to make a distance between Zheng Shuyu and Chen Ziyi.

Feeling upset with her second brother’s antic, she had a fight with him. He often accused her to find every chance to bully Zheng Shuyu. The fight never ended but Zheng Haozu won the room. In the house, every time there was a fight against Chen Ziyi, it was like Chen Ziyi was fighting against the whole family of Zheng’s and Chen Ziyi’s the one who would be blamed at the end.

Her father never defended her or voted on her side whenever there was trouble came to her. At first, she thought that her father only did like that if the issue only involve matters between her and the Zheng siblings, or Shuyu specifically. However, her father was really never concern about her.

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