An Unbelievable Journey to My Destination.....

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Hello, welcome, have a seat, grab a drink and hold on to your pants, here comes an exciting ride!! (Wow that was corny!) This is the story of me, of all the craziness that has brought me here, and now, today. I was just a small town girl, no significance, rest assured, I was told daily, so it must be true. I was born into what I guess therapists would call “a dysfunctional family” (what pray tell then is a “functional family?). This is a story about heart ache, pain, destruction, despair, shame, betrayal, Justification and Love. It may not be for the faint at heart, and names have been changed (because I can’t be spilling everyone else’s beans too!) to protect identities, but I can guarantee this is a real and very true story, about the unbelievable journey I have endured to get here and now, My Destination. Prologue: “Taylor, stop it!! Your being so unfair, I’m hungry too.” I watched as my big brother flipped over the 2 grilled cheese sandwiches he was making. “These are mine, you can make your own”. Ugh he is so mean, I reached up and chunked the little bit of kool-aid I had left in my cup at him, and turned to run away. Smack! He hit the bare part of my back that wasn’t covered by my swimsuit top, with the hot, metal spatula he had been flipping the sandwiches with. “Ouch, that really hurt” tears stung my eyes, I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. The burn was....

Drama / Humor
Tonya Kelly
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