How I Joined A Secret Satanic Cult

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October 6, 201X

It’s Friday and you know what that means diary. Nathaniel left for his tournament today. Mom and Derrick went with him and I heard that the school’s going to put them all up in a pretty nice hotel for the weekend. But not me, no I get to stay at home the entire weekend. So much fun.

Since I was doing my makeup in the morning I decided to try something different. My skin was pretty clear today so I decided not to use any concealer but seeing Isabel in the library again had really inspired me. She always did wings so I tried my hand at that, but with my red eyeliner instead of black. They were actually pretty even.

When I went downstairs everyone was already around the dining room table. With three plates around three chairs. Nathan had the biggest plates of course, with Mom and Derrick having smaller plates. The remnants of pancakes were swimming in pools of syrup in the bottom of the plates. By the time I got into the dining room they were getting up and pulling on their jackets.

Derrick had his arm around his son as they left, and both of the guys didn’t even glance at me as they walked on the wood floors toward the front door. But Mom smiled at me as they left.

“Have a good time,” I said to her before she left.

Mom gave me a small wave and they were out the door. A few seconds later I heard the tell tale sound of Derricks car pulling out of the driveway. They needed to be at school before class started so Nathan could get on the bus and Mom and Derrick would follow them in a caravan of other parents making the trip into Olympia.

Once they were gone I had the house to myself. It actually felt pretty thrilling. While they’re gone I can do anything I want to do. If I had enough friends I could throw a party, or wear Derrick’s button downs, or stay past my curfew. The possibilities are endless, diary.

I went to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. Since it was a big day Mom had made her famous celebration pancakes. When I was six she worked as a waitress at an IHOP in Olympia and stole a bunch of their recipes. That was why she got fired, actually. But when she got a new job as a night janitor she made some of their pancakes before she went to work. At 2am. All of her roommates were passed out that late at night but six year old me was awake and ready for pancakes. I got a stomach ache from eating so much, but they were the best pancakes I had ever eaten.

There were no pancakes for me in the kitchen this morning. I looked in the dining room too, but the only food in there was the picture of a vase of fruit on the wall and the crumbs on the plates they had left there. My shoulders slumped when I realized that Mom hadn’t made any pancakes for me, but I guess it was my fault anyway I should have come down sooner I guess.

But instead of a hearty breakfast guess what I got this morning diary? I got to do the dishes! Woohoo! They hadn’t even bothered putting their dirty dishes in the sink before they left, but I couldn’t just let the plates sit on the dining table all weekend. There was ten minutes before I had to go to school, plenty of time to wash a few dishes and utensils. And listen to a bit more of my audio book. The castle at this point was under siege and things aren’t looking so well, but I didn’t get to see how things will turn out before I needed to get to school. But I did manage to get a granola bar and stuff it into my bag before I hopped onto my bike.

Nothing really happened until English class today, and really nothing happening in English class too but I just got a little ticked off so I’m going to write about it.

We were just ending our warmup and about to get into what Mr. Terrance “big grammar time” when the announcements came on. It was fine, before lunch announcements usually came on at this time. I was tuning them out when…

“Make some noise, make some noise for our Fortuna Falcon Competitive Robotics team. They’re the favorite to win the Super-Regional Robotics Tournament. Heading up the all star team is Captain Finn Mcmullen and our star engineer Nathan Turner! Let’s give it up again for our robotics team!”

And that was the end of the announcements, but the class didn’t start again. And why you ask, diary. Well because all around the school, and in our classroom people actually started cheering. Like who actually does stuff the announcements tell them to? I even heard, from another classroom, a few people chanted Nathan’s name. Like he wasn’t even there to hear them, why were they cheering?

Once the cheers were over though class resumed and we continued learning about grammar. We learned the rules and we were supposed to partner up for an activity. You were supposed the write the most grammatically incorrect sentence, your partner would too and then you would switch and correct each other’s sentences. Mrs.Terrance always says the best way to learn was to consciously do something wrong.

I was looking around for a partner, I don’t really know anyone in that class, when two girls approached me. We have an odd number in English so it made sense to have a group of three. Even though we have had class together for an entire month I didn’t even know my partner’s names. I think the girl with the dyed red hair and round glasses was Emily, or maybe Emma or something like that, definitely something with an E. The other one with the blonde bob and fake tan I had and still have no idea.

“So why aren’t you in Olympia with your brother?” probably Emma asked me while we were writing.

“I didn’t feel like going,” I lied but they should have known that they wouldn’t want to take me to Olympia. I mean they’ve seen me and seen how I act, did they really think I was going to Olympia?

I-Have-No-Idea-What-Her-Name-Is said something next, “You’re so lucky you get to live with a really cute guy, Naomi.”

This may be off topic diary, but I feel so weird that she knows my name. Like I’m not popular, I’m emo why does she know my name? It’s even weirder because I don’t know her name. Like am I just unobservant or does everyone know who I am? I don’t want to have a reputation diary, I’m a bit weird but I don’t want everyone in town to know about it you know?

Anyway I grimaced when she said that, even though Nathan’s not my real brother the thought of dating him or even finding him “cute” is gross. Just totally gross.

“I don’t think about it like that.” I told her.

Maybe Emily twirled a bit of her red hair between her fingers, “Yeah I guess you two aren’t pretty close, he doesn’t talk to you much in school .But do you know if he’s single?”

Ah, and that’s where it sunk in. They weren’t interested in the lesson, they just wanted to learn more about my “cute” “brother”. And I’m not saying they aren’t pretty diary, it’s just that Nathan would only date people that even I know the name of. No shade to the random English girls, just Nathan’s a bit snobby and it’s not my fault.

But I wanted to do the assignment as quickly as possible so I needed them to not be mad at me so I played along, “Yeah he’s single.”

My partners shared a not so subtle smile, and what’s her name asked what she actually wanted to know.

“So what does Nathan like in a girl?”

He had actually dated Katherine Y. in May for three months but I’m pretty sure that was just because he needed a date to the end of school dance.

“He likes a girl who’s available a lot,” I told them.

The way they were hanging onto my every word was so funny I really had to keep myself from laughing. By the time we switched papers I had told them the vaguest things I could think of related to Nathan and dating. And I think her name is Emila actually managed to write a pretty decent paragraph, there was some proper grammar but plenty of mistakes for me to fix.

Mr.Terrance collected all the papers and lectured us a bit more in proper grammer and then the lunch bell rang and I could finally eat. The granola bar I had for breakfast didn’t stave off my hunger for every long and I was so hungry.

But when Kelly jokingly asked me for some food I reached into my lunch box and there wasn’t any there. I first checked my bag but the food hadn’t spilled out or anything, there just wasn’t any.

“I guess she forgot to pack it,” I mumbled to myself.

Kelly grabbed my lunch bag and seeing as there was no food in it, chucked it across the table.

“Damn you’re mom’s a bitch she didn’t even make you a sandwich,” She said.

Willis looked at my empty lunch box from across the table and slid me an apple from his tray, “Yeah, such a bitch.”

Before I bit into the apple he gave me I spoke up, “She’s not that bad, she just had to leave early with Nathan for the freaking robotics competition.”

Steven spoke up while I was eating the apple, “Yeah, did you hear the announcements. I swear it’s like they’re breeding egotistical assholes.”

“And your step-brother’s the worst,” Kelly said, I like that they never call him my brother. It’s bad enough that I have to live with him so I’m glad that they know I’m not actually related to them, “He passed by me in the hallway yesterday and laughed, actually laughed.”

I was about to say something but Kelly wasn’t finished, “I told him wear he could stick his smug face, and he didn’t say anything. Dude’s such a pussy.”

“Yeah, Nathan’s such a pussy,” I laughed and almost threw up some of my laughter. Mom and Derrick always praised him so much it was nice to finally remember that he’s not as great as he thinks he is.

The taking down of Nathan continued all throughout lunch. But no matter how hard I was laughing I couldn’t forget that I had no lunch. It really was my fault though, Mom was busy making pancakes and I should have checked that I actually had lunch in my lunchbox.

When I left the cafeteria, after getting my lunchbox, I thought about if anyone heard us talking about Nathan. Everyone at my table wasn’t too shy about their volume, but if anyone heard us... I really hoped that word didn’t get back to him that we were cursing him out. Oh my god, diary what if he finds out. What will he do if he finds out? He’d make my life a living nightmare if he finds out that I was cursing him out.

I could barely concentrate on the rest of my classes today. I was just so worried that Nathan would somehow find out that I was talking smack about him. In my hungry and worried state school passed quickly. And at the end of the day I could finally use some of my hard earned yardwork money on one of the vending machines. For some reason Fortuna only allows students to use the vending machines after school hours, so that was why I had to wait so long. My stomach was growling so much I really needed something if I was going to last the entire ride home I needed some food. The doritos were good.

I had trouble focusing on my music on the ride home. But now I’m at home and now I’m feeling kind of bored. Now that my Saturday’s free I can go to the Creamery before it closes. Or I can hang out with Willis. Or see what’s up with that card. I’m still not sure if it’s a prank, but something about it just stuck in my mind. Maybe it was the dried stuff that looked like blood, or that it told me to go to a bear infested area at night. But I think it’s the subject matter. While I’m not the biggest fan of Pastor Reagon he’s never been mean to me. But if god does exist diary, would he want me to go to the woods?

On a completely unrelated note I managed to get my head out of the clouds and into the music long enough to find a perfect lyric of the day…

It’s only time before they show me why no one ever comes back with details from beyond - Leave the City//Twenty One Pilots

My afternoon was uneventful, but I did tape that card onto my desk. Two days till they come back, I’m not sure if I want time to go fast or slow. Happy Friday diary,

Naomi J. Morgan

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