How I Joined A Secret Satanic Cult

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October 7, 201X

They’re gone dairy!

It was quiet when I woke up today diary. Normally Mom would be making breakfast in the morning and Nathan would be doing something annoying and I would have to rush downstairs if I wanted any breakfast. Today I got to take my time.

I didn’t really plan on going out today but Satin suggested that I dress up just because. And I agreed with him. At first it was pretty tedious to pick through my clothes, but then I decided to put on some music. Nathan always teases me for my music so I never really play it out loud in the house. Really I never play my music without earbuds anywhere, but I’m especially careful about it in the house.

One time I was wearing my earbuds at dinner and listening to music. Nathan, I kid you not diary he really did this, leaned closer to me and listened to the sound bleed out of my five dollar earbuds. The rest of dinner he spent teasing me about my taste in music. The next day I bought better quality earbuds that didn’t have as much sound leakage, but I never listened to music around him after that.

But today he wasn’t here and I turned my music up on full volume! Well not full volume actually. We are a good few dozen feet away from our neighbors but I didn’t want to chance them hearing anything. Instead of full volume I turned it but just enough that I could hear it but I’m sure the sound didn’t penetrate the walls of my room.

I ended up wearing some grey skull print tights and the oversized black sweatshirt that I bleached a flower pattern in. Not school appropriate definitely but definitely fancy for a saturday by myself. Once I was done changing though, I really started to enjoy myself. Lowell always says that my music is too slow to dance to but I ended up just dancing around in my bedroom for the better part for half an hour.

Once I was dressed and had danced until my heart was satisfied I went downstairs to clean. Saturday’s our normal cleaning day. Mom usually cleans the living room and her office, I clean the kitchen and the entryway and my bedroom, and Nathan “cleans” the dining room. Notice the distribution of chores diary, and then notice who isn’t cleaning anything. And by “cleans” the dining room, I mean Nathan usually just sits at the table doing stuff on his phone until Mom and I clean it for him. And Mom cleans his room for him for some reason so he usually just leaves most of Saturday.

So it wasn’t that hard to clean the whole house today, I pretty much already clean the dining room, entry way, and kitchen so all I needed to do was add the living room and Mom’s office. But it still took so long! Honestly diary for a second I really wanted to stop, but then I thought of how pissed Mom would be if she came home to an empty house.

There was a silver lining in all of this diary. I did get to finish my audio book. The castle was fine, everyone went back to their daily lives, happily ever after. But that also meant that I didn’t have anything to listen to while I made myself breakfast. There was practically no noise in the house besides the slow whirring of the microwave warming up my oatmeal. I ate it sitting on one of the newly cleaned counters. Being at the dining room table all by myself, that just seemed too weird.

Once feeding myself was out of the way I didn’t really know what to do. Usually Mom would have me help her with something or Derrick would have me make him lunch or something. But they were gone, and I was still here. It wasn’t all bad though, I decided to hang out in the living room instead of my room. If Nathan wasn’t out with his friends on Saturday he was in the living room and there was no way I was going to be there while he was there. So it was fun to sit down on the couch with Satin and another audiobook. I thought about watching TV, but Derrick would yell at me if I ran up the bill.

Since plain t-shirts are the most basic ones, they are the ones I usually get. But wearing almost identical black and white t-shirts everyday can get pretty boring. Even before I started dressing like this I was into embroidery, there had been an embroidery badge that I got for girl scouts a couple years ago and even after I made the bookmark like I was supposed to I kept at it. At first I wanted to embroider Satin, I looked up a bunch of pictures of painted elephants and they were so cool I really wanted to spice him up a little bit, but then I looked at old pictures of him and decided against it.

Now I just embroider my t-shirts and random fabric I find around the house. Once I downloaded and started listening to another audiobook time went quickly. I was distracted from the silence in the house by someone’s smooth voice talking about sci-fi things, and my mind was concentrated on each stitch. The only thing that told me that time was passing, aside from the ticking bird clock that I couldn’t read on the wall, was the sun slanting through the window behind me at different angles.

I held my t-shirt up to the light. As I moved it back and forth the thread caught the light and danced randow. I smiled, when I saw the holographic thread in the Hobby Supply Craft Store I knew I had to have it. But I was almost out of it, the flower stitch that I used to line the cuffs and neckline of the shirt was thread heavy, and I didn’t know what I was going to do when I ran out.

“You think the craft shops in Olympia have thread this pretty?”I asked Satin.

The light bounced off of Satin’s glassy black eyes.

I sighed,” Yeah, me too.”

I tried to push Olympia and what my family might be doing as I kept up the embroidery I was on track to finishing actually when my phone buzzed. Thinking that it was my mom I dropped everything and checked it. Willis was asking me to come over to his house to hang out. My shoulders slumped and I groaned, I really wanted to finish my t-shirt today. But instead of doing that I texted that I was on my way and left my embroidery hoop next to Satin on the couch.

But before I left the living room I had to explain everything to Satin. I really wanted to stay home today, but I knew I couldn’t just tell Willis that I wasn’t coming over, I had no good excuse anyway.

“Alright, bye Satin,” I sighed, “I’ll see you in a few hours, hopefully.”

A cloud passed over the sun and the light in the living room dimmed. Even though there was no one in the house, I still felt weird leaving my embroidery out on the couch. It took me like two weeks to first get that embroidery badge because I first left my bookmark on the dining room table and Nathan hid it. I had to make another one because he wouldn’t give it back. But Nathan’s not home right now and he can’t take my things, and Satin’s there to guard it. But before I left I made sure to run upstairs and grab the blood spotted card from my desk. Willis is more into alternate religions and satanic stuff than I was, maybe he could find out if it was a prank or not.

Even though I really didn’t want to go I tried to enjoy the ride there. Since the sun had been uncovered all morning it was actually pretty warm for October, but the clouds that had moved in were quickly bringing everything back to baseline. It was Saturday sp lots of people were out and about, I even saw a few 4th graders practicing their Halloween routes. When I passed it there was quite a long line at the Creamery.

Willi’s house isn’t that far away from mine. There are only two elementary schools in Fortuna and we went to the same one. Though we only really started talking in middle school. He’s actually the one who introduced me to Lowell, Kelly, and Steven last year. So I was pretty comfortable when I rang his doorbell. But I almost found myself wishing I just stayed at home when his mom opened the door.

Her blonde hair was up in a bun and her brown eyes just told me that she was not happy to see me. Which is weird, I’ve been to barbeques at her house every memorial day. Why does she hate me so much? She did let me in though, but by the way, she was looking at me I knew she wanted to slam the door in my face.

She didn’t even say hi, just paused enough so that I could scurry through the door. Then she just disappeared upstairs, but not before yelling at Willis not to take me up to his room. For a second I just wanted to sink into the hardwood floor and disappear when Willis came out of the living room and motioned for me to follow him.

Willis’s living room like I said had hardwood floors and white couches and a beige rug that I knew his mom was obsessive about keeping clean. Knowing that the pattern on my tights was flaking off I sat on the rug while Willis sat on the couch and started scrolling through his phone. He had asked me to come over but I wondered why, I hadn’t thought to ask before I started biking over.

But I found out what he was doing on his phone when the bluetooth speaker on the glass coffee table started just blasting heavy metal. And I mean blasting it. It had taken me ten minutes to bike over to his house but I’m sure if I was still there I would still be able to hear it. When the music started his mom yelled something from upstairs that was drowning out by the tasteful screams coming from the speaker. I guess Willis heard her though because he pointed his middle finger in her direction in response.

“So what did you call me over here for?” I half-said half-yelled at him, the music was really loud but I still felt weird about fully yelling in his house.

He didn’t seem to have any problems with being loud though because he just straight up yelled his response at me, “I don’t know I just wanted to hang out I guess!”

“Cool,” I said normally, but I’m not sure he even heard me. Willis was nodding along to the music at this point.

We just listened to music for a few minutes, it was pretty fine I guess. Not my type of sound but I’m glad Willis liked it I guess. Though when I started to get bored I remembered the card that I had stuck in my sweatshirt pocket. I got it out the card, once again getting queasy at what I thought were blood stains.

I had to poke Willis a bit before he heard me, “Hey take a look at this does it look legit?”

He took the card from me and looked it over, reading the text on the front carefully. But his eyes seemed to slide off the map on the back, like he didn’t understand it.

“Where’d you find this?”

“I think Isabel left it in the stacks for me to find.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Isabel G? That corset girl who’s going to college in Seattle?”

Even though I was pretty pissed at him referring to Isabel like that. She’s a wonderful person who doesn’t deserve a reputation as “the corset girl.” But I nodded either way.

Willis shrugged but he spoke with absolute certainty, “It’s a prank you should throw it away. I know Isabel and she’s an absolute bitch she’d never look into alternate religions. And believe me, Naomi, she doesn’t know the Truth.”

I took the card back from him and looked at the map again, it referenced landmarks that could get me to a spot in Juniper Place. The spot where the trees were the thickest and there were almost no shrubs on the ground, just dirt and mushrooms.

Willis noticed that I kept staring at the card, “I can shred it up for you if you want.”

It was a nice offer but I had to decline, “No I think I’ll hang it up on my wall for something, aren’t these blood stains kind of cool?”

“Yeah but speaking of blood stains have you seen the blood stains in the bathrooms at school?”

I don’t really go to the bathrooms at school. You never know who’s going to be in there, and I try not to take unnecessary risk at school. But I nodded, and Willis’s eyes lit up.

“I did those,” he admitted to me, but it’s not like I would tell the principal or something and he knew that, “I ordered some fake blood on amazon and during class, I’ve been using sponges to dab them on the walls and floors and stuff. Even the girl’s bathrooms. Last week after school I actually heard some cheerleaders scream when they went in there. Those fucking idiots are so dumb.”


We just hang out all day, nothing really to write about. The sun was going on by the time I left, about three o’clock. But when I passed by the Creamery on my way back. The white building with sprinkles painted on the sides and glowing neon sign advertising that they were closing soon. I stopped but not to get any ice cream instead I got out my phone and called Charlie. It rang a couple of times before she answered. But by the time she did I had lost my nerve. I hung up, she had already said she had stuff to do on Saturday, I shouldn’t have called her. As I biked home I just hoped that she wasn’t annoyed with me.

And then I was home. Laying on the couch and once again looked at the card. Willis had said it was a prank but something about how I got it told me otherwise. I don’t think Isabel would prank me, something about her has just been trustworthy. I couldn’t focus on my embroidery so instead, I just stared at the card. Just stared at it for who knows long, until I got hungry that is. That’s when I finally got up from the couch.

I opened up the right side of the fridge, we had some vegetables and bread but most of the food Mom had cooked before had gone to Olympia with them so most of the chilled shelves were empty. But when I checked the freezer on the left side I found some frozen hotdogs, they were leftover from labor day so I’m not sure they were still good. But seeing that there was nothing else for me to eat, I started boiling water.

Eating dinner in the kitchen just seemed wrong, I could hear Derrick’s voice in my head telling me not to be antisocial. But eating at the dining room table also wasn’t very fun. Sitting in my usual seat, side furthest from the door on the right, with no one else there everything felt more empty than it had all day. They hadn’t even needed to go to Olympia, Nathan could have gone by himself, at least Mom could have stayed behind. I finished eating my boiled hotdog in sandwich bread and went back to the living room and collected Satan and my embroidery hoop and thread.

“You know what Satan,” I told my stuffed animal as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom, “I think I’m going to go.”

It’s only 7 pm, but I think I’m going to go to bed now. I have an alarm set for 1:30 am so that I can get dressed, bike to the woods, and hike to Juniper Place. So see you tomorrow night I guess, diary. Hopefully, when I next write I’m not covered in tar and feathers or something like that. Do you think this is a prank diary? I trust Isabel, I’m going, no chickening out. Anyway, I’ve got to get some sleep while I can. Goodnight, diary.

Naomi J. Morgan

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