Troubling life of mine

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The story is about a teenage girl and her everything. The story shows how she became a silly teenager then a mature woman . Hi guys, so i can relate to the story most and this is the right time submitting it . Love u alll 😘😘😘😘

Drama / Romance
Aysha Binty Asa
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Seeing your parents constantly fighting on the phone makes you sick . Every child wants their partens to be happy but in my case my parents are happy but my father doesn't leave any chance to have fight with my mother .

Ok hold on , let me introduce myself. My name is rita . Iam 16 years old . I am a student . I have black hair . I am not small not so tall . I medium in hight 5.3 . I have a curvy body . My skin tone is not so dark not so white . I have brown eyes and this is my story . So lets started , oh so as you knew my parents are fighting . My father alex knight . He looks average , hight 5'9 and has belly fat lives in abroad and we lives in paris . So my father literally calls us every single hour and he will fight my mother with silly reason . Oh about my mother jesica knight is pretty much calm and collected women with white skin , long black hair and slim body . She looks attractive but you know sometimes i wondered how can they are still married ? . When i was enough to understand everything, i started to understand that my father always fights with my mother and you know sometimes my father literally calls me and my sister then he would yell at us . Oh i have a sister. She is 4 years older then me . Melanie knight You know my sis is beauty with brains . She looks like a model . 5.9 in hights , slim figure , brown eyes , White skin and wavy black hair . Ok my sisteris a straight A student .she can do anything without any difficulty . She used to stay with us but after her high school she left home for colleg and started to stay alone in different state . So after that my father has only me to yell . So today is not different my father stated to fight with my mother because he thinks my mother is not giving me enough food and i am getting skinny . He thinks she is spending all the money for her own expenses but it is not truth . I was sitting on the breakfast table and my mother phone was constantly ringing . Ok i wanted to pick up the call and i wanted to say some bad shit to my father but i remember it very clearly. It will not effect anything. You know my father and mother has a pretty confused relationship. I will talk about this later but for now lets focus on my present. So my mother is ignoring my fathers calls and i am eating my breakfast but in my mind i am thinking. Ok just in few minutes my uncle jim ( fathers brother) sarted to knock at our door. Ok he is younger brother of my father and has slim body, white skin , brown eyes and white hiar Ok so the thing is whenever my mother ignores my fathers call , my father will call his brother and his brother will come and ask my mom to receive my fathers call . You know sometimes i feel exhausted with this process but what can i say this is my life . so the thing is my father has 5 brother and 7 sisters. The 5 brothers live in the same place but in different appartment . So my mother again started to talking with my father . She looked tired because of the constant fighting but she will always smile whenever she saw me and my sister happy . I looked at my breakfast and then started to get up then looked at my mother figure . She was constantly arguing "i am leaving for the school " i said and she nodded her head . Sometime i jsut want to take my mother away from my father's drama but i am too young so without saying anything more . I left my house and knocked my uncle jims door and my cousin rebeca opened the door . She is also 16 . She is also a student. She is skinny and has white skin and brown eyes , long black hair . She and i study at the same school so we are like friends . She smiled and asked me to enter but i didn't enter and asked her to come fast and we are getting late so she nodded and left to get her back pack . So one thing about my father family that they don't like me , my sister and most importantly the didn't like my mother . So the thing is because of my mother they can't ask any money from my father . So i sometimes feel the friendship i have with my all cousins are fake but i don't know right now my life is going with the flow . So rebeca and i are going to school . So rebeca is a brilliant student and i am a average student . So she is popular but i am also popular but you know sometimes i feel like i can't communicate with others very easyly , ok there is a reason . I will talk about this later , you know when people compares you with others you feel sick and ashamed and also when they constantly compares you with your cousin or sis . You just want to disappear. I feel the same i am too young but they never stops comparing me , funny they say by comparing me with others they try improve my skills but if they how the comparison affects me but they don't know because , they think i am too young to say or understand anything. I am too young to say anything.

So the thing is my life is good but sometimes it's different from other teenagers . I wanted a normal family but in instead i gets a crazy family . As creepy as it's sound my family played a major roll in my life , i love them but sometimes i wish to have different family without any drama .

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