Troubling life of mine

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The nature of life , always gives you hard time . My life is not different . I think of something but you know i can only think . So in my teenage life there is something that i always want popularity . I thought being with cool people was definition of popularity but no for me hanging out with cool people , having a guy friend was a cool teenage life so i did what i want . I started to hangout with wrong people and most important , i made a male friend . So his name was RICK and he was a medical student . so he was my stalker . he used to follow me and you know as a teenager i find it pretty awesome because at that time of life i loved attention and he was good looking . so the first time i noticed him when some of his friend were talking loudly and telling him to talk with me but first i feel scared so i didn't bother and then again the next day i was walking towards my home after my tuition and he was in his bike when he saw me so he came in front of me and said '' hey there four eyes '' . yup he said that bullshit to me , so what i wear glasses i felt offended so i literally just looked at him for a second then i just turned around and started to walk . so the thing is i liked his style and in my teenage days my style was worst and i used to have lot of acne so suddenly a handsome guy is interested in me , i felt like princess. So i started to notice him and he would just look at me and it was really started to get annoying so one day i was going home from tuition and i saw him and his friend again . this time one of his friend came and said '' HI , can you wait here my friend wants to talk to you please'' , so the thing was i was loving everything about it so i asked him '' why ? '' . so the thing was the boy was nervous and he looked at the other boys and started to smile awkwardly after seeing the boy being super nervous i said yes , so rick came and his friend left . I looked at him and he said '' you know four eyes , it's not right to say but i am going to say you look good on your glasses and i kinda like you and i think we should hangout '' and you know what did i say . ''yes ,'' and he looked shocked but he didn't knew i was dying to hear this thing . so we started to hangout . So the thing was i liked him as a friend but at that age love was not an option for me because i never think of it .So one day he proposed me with lot of chocolates and asked me to be his girlfriend and i said no . The thing was at that time the most important thing in my life was being cool and you know i felt like cool girl because i have a male friend but i never felt like love towards him because that time love was not a option so after the proposal every thing started to change .

he would literally started show that he has control over me and his friend didn't say anything and me being a teenage girl i also didn't say anything . Time was going and i didn't say anything but inside me i felt like leaving the friend ship but i didn't because i wanted the attention he was giving me . One day ricks ex girlfriend came back and started to hangout with me , rick and his friend . her name was KATE you know the funny part she started to get jealous of me because rick gave me all the attention . In her jealousy she would literally throw tantrums and will always try to catch ricks attention and you know a girl know other girl feelings but i didn't say anything because i wanted to see her outburst and one day she said to me in front of everyone '' why the hell are you still on the group , when you literally rejected rick '' . Everyone was shocked and i was smiling so i said '' you are not my mom that i have to answer you '' she was shocked because she never thought that answer from me . Rick looked at me then kate and i smiled at him and left the place and after that day i didn't went to my tuition for one week . In this one week i think ed and talked to my other friends and decided not to hangout with rick and his group but i was a attention lover that time . So after one week i went to meet them and first thing that happens that rick hugged me and kissed my forehead but the shocking part when he looked sad and vulnerable but you at that age my life was easy and i was not a emotional fool so i knew he was getting attached with me so i knew i need to be more strong with him .
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