Model Saga

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Glam, beauty, charm, it's all the same.

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Model Saga

Model Saga

Every year, the swans come out to be beautiful. It takes a long road to get here.

First, they have to get up early in the morning. Some can manage it just fine. Others are for the party life. They struggle to get out of bed. Luckily, there is coffee in hand. One sip and they are wide awake.

Now to get cleaned up. Some woke up in their make-up from a night of partying. Wash off all of those traces of make-up. After taking a bath or a shower, it’s time to get set up.

Next for something to wear. The swans have to look their best. Their styles have to match their moods. Designers flock to dress them. They want their brands worn by a beautiful woman. The swans would pay with their souls for that ideal dress. Anything to look beautiful.

Now for their hair. Wash it. Dry it. Curl it. Cut it. Straighten it. Dye it. Comb it. Brush it. Shape it. Gel it. Spray it. A woman’s hair is part of her pride.

Make-up comes up next. So many colors to choose from. The right foundation has to match. Nails have to be shaped and polished. Lips colored and plump. Eyelashes have to be curled. Blush comes next. Sometimes they do it themselves. Others get the professionals to do the hard work. What a beauty! It takes work. But it’s all worth it. Anything to look beautiful.

Now for the show. The world is their stage. Not just the runway. Clubs, bars, pageants, shows, movies, photography, art, and parties. All eyes have to be on them. The swans know it. Their audience knows it. Their managers know it. Everyone else doesn’t matter. This their show and we are just living here. We aren’t worthy to stare upon their beauty. We should feel blessed.

After the show, it’s time to party. The attention never leaves them. Everyone knows it. The swans are the life of the party. They get everything for free. Drinks, entrance, drugs, dancing, and sex. Some of them dive headfirst into the party life. The night life is their playground. The parties go on until two in the morning.

Finally, we come to the end of the day. The swans come home and catch some sleep. The day is going to start all over again. It goes on until the swans leave the game. For now, they live up the glamorous life they worked so hard to claim.

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