What if the characters are real ?

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We all like to read or write a story ." And a reader lives a thousand lives " is a very beautiful saying . But have you ever imagined that what would have happened if what you wrote became a part of your real life and the characters you make come out of the book and become a real and ever lasting part of your life. It is a bit hard to imagine but not for our kiara who has gone through this . this story is a not so perfect mixture of love, friendship and a lil bit of magic which makes it even more misterious.

Drama / Fantasy
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How to begin ?

On computer screen

Chapter 1 "Damsel in Distress "

This is not a fairy tale story . Not a story with a magical beginning and a happily ever after ending . Not a story where you find a princess waiting for her handsome prince to come on a white horse and save her . This story has no perfect starting nor a perfect ending . Although it does talk about love and is a beautifully imperfect story and henceforth called a love story. "

Out the computer screen

'Hello! My name is kiara and i am an author ! I mean i m not published yet but an online author is also an author and i have a total of 207. Followers on novel.com and let me tell you , it is a big thing for me . I mean it is a big enough inspiration to help me keep writing. So for the once who haven't heard of novel.com , it is a site for writers like me to publish our works and it is very famous but since it doesn't exist in your world so i wont mind if you don't follow me on novel.com . Today i am going to start publishing a new novel and this would be published in series i.e 2 episodes per week and this time it will be about a great kungfu Princess who would save her prince. So i have been fed up of the concept of princesses saved up by Princes so therefore after a lot much research , i will finally start my chapter 1 today .' "KIARAAAA...DINNER IS READY !" A sharp and high pitched angry voice comes from the background .the owner of the voice being kiara's mother . 'ok so guys will meet you sonner than later and keep reading...damsel in distress.' kiara shuts off her camera and puts it neetly on her study table where one can see everything like camera (which she just put on the centre of the table)) , camera cover just below her camera, novels neatly lined up in a bookholder on one side , some more novels (piled up infront of the lined novels), writing journels( scattered near the camer) and pen and pencils of every colour that exists in the world neetly placed in a big plastic cup with minions printed on it . Kiara's room was perfectly customized by herself with the study table just infront of the sun facing window to let maximum sunshine in and the soft single bed on the other side of the room with fairy lights and pictures decorating the wall. Pictures of kiara and her family which had her daddy who was an real estate agent and a pretty good one in his field which allowed him to give both kiara and her lil brother james a good quality education in one of the best private schools of the decenticon city .Her mother was more of an housemaker , taking care of kids and having fun with her women club friends. Kiara and her family were not the poorest of all as it was but it didnt made them richest even . Although they did not need to dwell hard for basic necessities but they couldn't afford money to waste too . That was one of the reasons that kiara's mother didnt allow her to pursue writing as a complete career just yet . She was obligated to study hard and get in a good medical school but it didnt make kiara mad as she had her interests in the medicine field grown with time . Next to the perfect family portrait was a picture of little kiara ,merely 6 years old standing with a big trophy and an even bigger grin on her face . This was the first time kiara won a trophy for best story teller at her school . This picture made her remind that she was born to be a gr8 writer one day . Next to that were couple of quote pictures with the quotes like 'A reader lives a thousand lives' and 'The correct pen can make its owner do wonders.' And right next to it was the front cover of kiara's first ever novel written by her that said 'Just let it go' That was the first ever story she ever wrote thay got a mere 59 likes and made her get 20 fans at the age of 14 and now she had 207 fans at the age of 16 . Next to all those quotes and covers were a picture of kiara and her best friend ben . They had been best friends since a couple of years now after she met him in high school . Noone could truly understand why they werent together just yet but one thing was for sure , they were perfect match for each other . The last lighted picture of the wall was of kiara and lily , her former best friend who she was very close to once .

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