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Welcome to Ravenswood Academy, Los Angles most elite Private school. Where Secrets are never kept and everyone is just like one big family... or that’s just what they want you to believe. The sudden murder of a fellow student causes buried secrets to pop up and new ones to form. Can the school survive? Or will everything come crashing down

Drama / Mystery
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Welcome Back

The blaring of my alarm wakes me up an Instant , I quickly rush out of my bed and go straight to the bathroom. It was my first day at my new school Ravenswood Academy, I was one of 3 other people who won a scholarship to this school after my old school was shutdown, there was no way my father could afford this schools yearly Tuition even if he was regular office worker working 35+ hours.

I brush my teeth and continue to get ready for school. I save my uniform for last wanting to savor every moment in it, A Plain white button up with a navy blue blazer and a black pleaded skirt , the outfit went perfectly with my Carmel skin and brown curls. I take a couple extra minutes to admire myself in the before I head downstairs, as soon as I reach the kitchen I greeted with a cheerful goodnoring from my big brother Rohan. “Morning Siena hope your ready for your first day at your new preppy school" He says sarcasticlly. "Of course i'm ready, you should know i'm always prepared by now" I quickly reply back. "Alright you win, now hurry and up and get some food so we can leave" Rohan says as walking to the front door "Wait I thought dad was dropping me off".

"He had a long shift last night and asked me to drop you off. So either your coming with me or you'll be walking your choice." He walks outside to the car and quickly follow him. The car ride there was completely silent and I didn't plan on speaking first, as soon we arrived I planned on hopping out of the car and going straight to the office to get schedule, but that plan was quickly foiled.

"Listen Siena you know I love you and I only want the best for you even though I don't show it all of the time basically what I'm trying to say is I'm here for you and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask, Okay?" A small smile formed on his face. My brother never showed much emotion after mom passed away but it's times like these that's shows me he still in there somewhere. "Yea of course " I give him a big hug a exit the car.

The school is much bigger in person and very modern the photos online really are misleading.I mange to make it up the schools steps without completely losing my breath and make my way straight to main office, the secretary was super nice and gave me a quick rundown how the first day would go, I thank her and head to the hallway to find my first class.

As I'm walking I notice the school was filled with students covered in designer im talking Chanel handbags, Gucci shoes and much more, I look down and stare at my beat up vans and shake my head. Once I look back up I bump into someone , “ Oh my god I’m so sorry” I pick my schedule from off the ground and look up to find a tall girl, She was Dark Skin, with the beautiful hazel eyes and boxbraids.

“Your fine don’t worry about it.. Hey you look new my name is Kayln, Kayln Lewis

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