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a town named Virginia lived two girls who fell for one guys in highschool.....

Drama / Romance
Ayesha ❤
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Chapter one-the first day of school

Hey guys I am Jessica Williams and the red headed girl is my twin sister Annable Williams 😒.We fell for the same guy in highschool.Want to know who got the guy?Well ok let's get to the start

"honey wake up it's your 1st day of school u don't want to be late do you?" *shouted Abbi (the two sister's mom) "ya mom coming" (shouted the both sisters) "oh look Anna Bacon, French fries and egg.wow am I dreaming" (said Jess) "yeah mom what's today some occasion or something?" (said Anna) "no honey it's not any occasion or something I am just very happy to see u both growing up so fast I love u girls❤"(said Abbi) "aww" (said both of the sisters) :*Then they finished their breakfast got ready and went for the 1st day of school* "hey Jessica I am very scared of the seniors what if they bully us?" (said Anna scaredly) "oh c'mon that's not gonna happen that's y I always tell u that don't watch the dramas and TV shows of the highschool stories" (said Jess). They arrived at school a little soon,so they took a little tour of the campus. They loved their school and were excited for their future.Then the bell rang and it was time for their first session. "Class attention here plz, We have two new students Jessica Williams and Annable Williams they both are sisters" (said the teacher cheerfully) "Jess and Anna u can sit wherever u want to" (said the teacher) "Thanks mam" (said both of them and then smiled) And then there was the entry of the very called bad guy more like the late guy,lazy guy and the kinda the oversmart one.ok I should stop now 😂 .So ya, "wow u broke your record today u are 20 mins late. (said the teacher in a sarcastic way) "I am not late everyone is just early" (said Damon). *Whole class laughs* "QUIET!!,And u young boy just grow up take this year seriously" (Said the teacher (Damon sighs with like he is not even listening) "Ok just forget it met the two new girls Jessica and Annable Williams" (said the teacher) "Ok but can u girls get out of my seat!?" (Said Damon) "BE NICE DAMON!!! They are new and also they are girls u should be a gentleman and now go and sit between them!, And ya say sorry to them for the behavior" (said the teacher angrily) "oh my gosh like really!" (said Damon with his questionable face) "YES NOW!!" (said the teacher) "OK OK calm down.Sorry girls for what I said even tough I said the right thing" (said Damon carelessly with his eye rolling face) *then he sat down between them* then the session ended in an hour. "soo ok u Twinsies want is your next session?" (Said Damon to the sisters) "ok first of all twinsies!? and second of all we have history" Said (Jess) "giving nick name is my thing and from now on am gonna call u guys twisies and if u don't like it I don't care I will still call u guys twinsies" (said Damon) "wow rude,but I guess it's not that bad name and we are okay with that right Jess?" (said Anna) "yeah I guess" (said Jess) "ya whatever lets go to the second session because unfortunately I am in that session also like u guys so lets get going" (said Damon) "oh,well let's go Jess and whatever your name is Mr."(said Anna) "well it's not whatever it's Damon Lockwood" (said Damon with his eye rolling face) "ya keep rolling your eyes maybe u will find some brain there" (said Anna and she started laughing) *jess also stared laughing with Anna* "haha soo funny u are twinsies now let's go u don't want to be late on that sir's class let's go" (said Damon) "ok" (said the both sisters) *Then they completed all the sessions one by one then they were waiting at the bus stop for bus but it was raining so there was no bus suddenly Damon came with his car and offered a ride.They agreed. *Then they finally reached home* "u guys are coming at the party right?" (said Damon with his questionable face) "what party?!" (said Anna) "Now plz don't tell me u both don't know about the freshers party tonight!? " (said Damon in a sarcastic way) "No we didn't knew" (said Jess) "ya obviously u girls must be to busy with your studies" (Said Damon with his eye rolling face) "By the way if u guys are coming plz dress nicely" (Said Damon rudely) wow rude and also we are not coming" (said Anna and then winked at Jess but Damon didn't notice it) oh,ya she is right now u can go bye" (said Jess) "ya whatever" (said Damon and left)......

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