The Challenge

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A young girl once fantasized a life with the boy next door only to find out there was another secret hiding at her own door.

Drama / Mystery
Ahava aria
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The breeze of the wind blew through his dirty blond hair. The gray t- shirt he wore when he practices basketball was dark from sweat. He lived a couple housed down from me, but i still had a prefect view of him. He had just moved in, but I was never brave enough to go and talk to him. “Alleina open this door!“ my mom was yelling from the outside of my room. “coming mom“ i yelled back.I walked as slow as i could, just to annoy her. When i opened the door, i saw a very upset mother. My mom was standing there with smudged makeup on her face and her hair was wet, her cheeks were brusied red with scares. “mom what happend?“ i asked. Without a answer, my mom grabbed my arm and basically dragged me downstai“Mom stop” i said pulling my arm away from her, “what is going on!” “We need to leave now” she said. “what mom, your making no sense” i said. “Now Alleina!” i stood there stunned that my mother just yelled at me. I threw her a very disgusted look. “Mom!” i yelled back, “what is going on?” my mom looked at me, all of a suden tears started flowing down her face. Her smugged makeup was flowing down her eyes, along with her tears. She opend her mouth but no sound came out. She was staring over me, on to the wall behind me. My mom walked behind me, and stood on the couch, reaching for something. “Mom!” i said, my voice now shaking. I was close to tears.? “Shhh!” she said to me, with her hand over her mouth. There was a small light obeover the couch she was standing on. My mom reached for the ligh, and untwisted the bulb. She pulled out some weird black thing and a tiny peice of paper. She slowly walwalked back twards me. She threw the black thing down and stomped on it. “ugh!” she yelled at it. When my mom was done, she picked the black thing up. “Alleina” she said, her voice and her hands shaking, “our house... Is bugged. This black thing is a microphon that someone put in our house to spy on us” i felt my heart drop. “Then” i began, “then, what is this” i lifted my shaking hand to the small peice of paper my mom was holding.

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