The Wanted (The One Series:Book2)

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The Makeovers

Monday, May 16, 2005

Amanda watched Marcel staring at both her bandmates and his computer screen. This made everyone feel somewhat uneasy. They heard the audio from their first paid gig being played from the monitor’s speakers. There were videos of their performance all over YouTube, and they had read the comments. The reviews were mixed, some even questioned if UTurn had merged with The Pushers.

Of course, UTurn didn’t respond to any of the comments. They couldn’t anyway. The founding members had to stop her and Derrick from even creating their own YouTube accounts. There was a wall between being a celebrity and being part of the fandom. It was something the new members had to learn; and she didn’t like it one bit.

Marcel stopped the audio from his computer to face the eight teens. He told them, “Your first performance as an eight-piece was somewhat rough. There were comments that two of you had unhappy faces.”

Everyone looked at Derrick and Amanda, who just stared back at them. Marcel continued, “But people seem like your performance. And you got two new songs?”

Stacie smiled, “It was a song from my old girl band. I gave it to this band, and let Andrew and Alyson rewrite the song. Plus, they added a rap part for the boys.”

Amanda added, somewhat sourly, “We also gave them one of The Pushers songs.”

Marcel asked, “And your former bandmates are okay with this?”

Amanda stared at Derrick while Stacie shrugged, “I heard one of them pouted, but the others were okay with this.”

Marcel nodded, and then said, “So today you’ll be meeting with your new stylists. I’m still getting the producers to finish arranging your songs to be recorded. I’m also looking for a major record label, but we will get your debut album out as soon as possible. We want to give your fans the music while I get you signed to a major label.”

Amanda cleared her throat and asked, “And what kind of new looks are we getting? For what exactly?”

Marcel replied, “Glad you asked! I’m arranging a photoshoot for your debut album. You’re also going to be filming a music video within the next few weeks. Now it won’t be a big-budget production, but it’ll be something great enough.”

“And what song is that?”

All Around the World.”

Alyson grinned, “So we’re getting proper promotion for our song?”

Marcel smiled, “Yes, you are, but all of you need to record the song.”

Derrick asked with irritation in his voice, “So when are we getting these makeovers?”

“Now, actually,” Marcel replied. “My driver will take you eight to a team of stylists.”

His eyes widened, “Wait, now it’s a team?”

Derrick stood there with a scowl on his face as he faced a group of twelve people. He could feel them studying him and his bandmates. He didn’t ask for any of this, but he could tell that none of this bothered the others. Even Amanda seemed okay with this.

One of the stylists gestured, “The three boys, come forward.”

The UTurn guys walked up to her. She told them, “You all have dark hair. One of you need to be blonde. Most of these mixed-gender bands always have the one blonde guy.”

“No,” both Andrew and Derrick said sternly.

Both the stylist and the two boys stared at Justin. He looked down, and sighed reluctantly, “Fine, I’ll become blonde.”

Andrew told him, “That’s your natural hair color, though.”

“Yeah, but it was already getting darker.”

The stylist added, “And Derrick, we’ll be giving you a new red dye job, something much more permanent.”

Derrick’s eyes widened at the statement. He always used red gel or spray as he didn’t want to damage his hair. He had naturally dark brown hair, but it looked like that was going to change.

Alyson looked in the mirror. Her hair was free of the synthetic extensions that were originally clipped onto her hair. Her dark, brown roots were touched up again with a fresh blonde dye job. Now she can freely have her natural curls come out on her days off without looking like a jarring mess.

She noticed the other girls’ new hair. Bailey’s hair was straight and more blonde. Stacie’s hair was cut to a messy, choppy bob. Riley’s hair was dyed to a light brown color, straighten like a sheet of paper. Amanda was given mini-braids, randomly placed throughout her hair. She was also given black, chunky streaks all over her equally dyed near-platinum-blonde hair.

Alyson walked over to Amanda, and said, “You look like Christina Aguilera who just joined a rock band.”

Amanda rolled eyes and faced her. She said, “I was in a rock band, but Derrick decided to sink that ship. And now here we are, and he’s still sour.”

“Well, he’d better suck it up. I’m not kicking him out, and you’re not going anywhere either.”

Alyson walked over to the boys. Andrew’s hair was messy and drowned in hair gel to achieve that messy spiked-up, anime-ish look. Derrick’s hair was cleaned up from his previously messy spikes to smoothed out hair, as if he belonged in the 1950s. Justin’s hair was now medium blonde, swept over his green eyes.

Alyson and two of the boys noticed Derrick’s massive scowl on his face. He said bitterly, “This sucks.”

Alyson told him, “Suck it up, Derrick! At least you look clean now!”

“And what was wrong with how I looked?”

“You looked like a bum version of those guys from one of those punk bands and that grunge band!”


“I don’t know. That Blink band and that Nirvana band?”

Derrick shot up from his chair, and so did Andrew. He asked Derrick sternly, clearly challenging him, “You got a problem with what she said?”

Derrick replied with anger in his voice, “She just insulted a 90s legend!”

“Just because she’s not into your music doesn’t give you the right to fight her.”

Derrick narrowed his eyes at him. “So you’re gonna bully me and threaten to sue my ass off?”

“No. I’m telling you back off from my girl.”

Alyson blushed as she watched the two boys going into a glaring contest. After what seemed like a hot minute, Derrick backed off. He reluctantly sat back down into his chair while keeping his eyes on Andrew.

Andrew turned to face Alyson. He said to her as he gently twirled a strain of her hair, “Well, hello there.”

Alyson smirked, “All of my extensions are gone. It’s all real hair now.”

“I can feel that. It definitely feels a lot better.”

“It really does.”

Alyson then look at Andrew’s hair. She cautiously placed her hair on top of his hair, feeling the stickiness of the gel. Andrew chuckled, “Yeah, my hair is filled with product.”

“Only you would have a shit-ton of product in your hair.”

The couple kissed gently on each other’s lips. “Take your cute moments elsewhere,” Derrick said with irritation in his voice.

Andyson, the couple’s ship name, turned to face Derrick. His sour face still plastered. Alyson said with a smug look on her face. “Looks like you need a major attitude change if you wanna keep your relationships.”

Derrick rolled his eyes again. What she said was getting to him, or that was what it seemed. She could tell it would be a long while before the dyed-red-head breaks his anti-conformist behavior.

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