Born in prison, in love with a cliché

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"I'm wondering how many years you still have to be here. You've already been here quite a while Gather. Such a shame for a pretty girl like you to be locked up here." He catches a stray of my hair and puts it behind my ear. I can feel a blush creeping up my cheeks, so I catch his wrist and push it hard away from me. I lean in close to him and look him straight in the eyes. "Touch me one more time and I'm afraid you'll never be a free man again Bryne." Davina grew up in prison when her mother got sentenced for first degree murder. When she turns eighteen her mother finally doesn't have custody over her anymore, that means she can leave. The only problem is that she has never lived in the real world. And now she also has to share an apartment with the one guy she resents the most. Zach Bryne. What will the real world offer her and what happens when her father wants to be part of her life? __________________________________________ Warning ⚠︎︎ This story contains mature content and language. Just warning you babes ;) ☘︎︎ Updates on Tuesday and Friday ☘︎︎ ~Started in September 2019~ ~Finished in... This story took me way too long before I published it but I wanted it to be perfect ♡︎

Drama / Romance
Red Blossom
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Susanna Sith was only 20 years old when she got pregnant. She and her boyfriend David Gather who lived in Chicago were actually okay with the pregnancy. They were ready to take the responsibility of raising a child. They bought a little apartment and both started working more hours outside of school. The apartment they lived in was in the cheap part of Chicago. Because of that, they didn't live in a very safe neighborhood. But even though they had less free time, they were happy.

One night Susanna was home alone, while David was working extra hours at his job. That's when it happened. Three men broke in and harassed her while stealing their stuff. Susanna was 7 months pregnant at the time and desperate. She didn't want to die, she didn't want to be robbed. So she ran to the bedroom where she searched for David's gun while trying to call 911. With her phone pressed to her ear and the gun shaking in her hand, she slowly walked out of the bedroom to face the robbers.

Her heart pounded in her chest while she said: "Leave now, or I will shoot you." The man that she was on the phone with asked her not to shoot but rather hide and wait. Meanwhile, the robbers didn't believe her. One of them walked towards her and without hesitating, she shot him right in the stomach. Three bullets left her gun and the man collapsed to the ground. The other robbers looked shocked and ran out of the apartment. Susanna froze. She dropped her phone on the ground where the man on the other line was still talking, asking her if she had just shot someone or not. She stared in horror at the man lying in the middle of her living room. Slowly bleeding out on her carpet floor. The bloodstains were a deep red and she could only look at what she had just done to this man.

A few minutes later the police arrived. They found her standing there with the gun still in her hand. The man was dead by now. They arrested her while cleaning up the body. A few weeks later she was sentenced to prison for 20 years. David abandoned her and didn't want to be a father anymore. She was now completely on her own and 8 months pregnant. Abortion wasn't an option anymore and she was heartbroken. She was going to give birth in prison and she had no idea if the child was going to be free.

When her child was born it was a healthy baby girl. She got to hold her and couldn't let her go after that. So the baby stayed in prison. Susanna named her after her father. Davina, Davina Gather.

Davina grew up in prison. In the first few years, she shared her cell with her mother. When she turned seven the prison had found a family who was willing to adopt Davina but her mother refused to sign the adoption papers or any other papers for that matter. Her mother didn't want to lose the only hope left in her life. The only thing that reminded her of David. So Davina stayed in prison.

When she was still very young the prisoners weren't very mean towards her. Only the guards tended to be strict. But as she grew older the prisoners started to like her less. There was only one woman that always kept acting the same towards her. Her name was Lori and Davina adored her. Lori was like her second mother. But when she turned fourteen she was placed to a different part of the prison with her own cell. Away from her mother and Lori.

She got surrounded by people of her own age or just a little older. Teenagers. But even though there were tough boys and girls. Davina was by far the toughest of them all. She just didn't show it directly.

Her mother was a murderer, so she was placed in the section of the prison amongst the other murderers. She grew up with killers around her. Adults making her life a living hell between the walls that she grew up in. She interacted with the scariest people that these teenagers would never have interacted with. They made her tough and hard. Not scared of anything or care. That's what prisons are made for. To break people. While these teenagers were only here for a few years, she had been in a prison her whole life. With her mother still not willing to sign adoption papers, Davina was forced to live in a cell until she'd turn eighteen.

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