The Truth Prevails

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Two teen-aged girls, Ella and Elizabeth, get into a big fight. What is the fight about? Would they make friends or will they be enemies for ever? Keep on reading to answer all your questions.

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Chapter 1

Last year, a teen-aged girl around 17 years old, got adopted from a 43-year old women and a 46-year old man. As you probably already had noticed, Ella was an orphan. She had never had a father as her mother was too poor to be loved by a handsome guy and her mother was so poor that when Ella was born, she couldn’t look after her so she had to put her in the orphanage centre. Ella had brown hair and hazel eyes. She was tall and thin. Ella has spent all her life at the orphanage centre. She made friends, she went to church school, she was respected, she had all the love she ever wanted. All the love except for the love from people to be her foster parents. All her friends got adopted and had a family to be loved from. She was the only child from the entire orphanage centre that stayed there for 16 years. On her 16th birthday, Ella had a big surprise waiting for her. About a month before her birthday, Georgia and Adam, the couple that took Ella home with them, wanted to adopt her. As the people from the orphanage centre gave them the details about Ella and any information they needed, they decided to adopt her on her birthday as a birthday present, along with a party they threw especially for her. Ella was so happy that she cried with happiness. Now that she was happy with her foster family, the year went by faster. The only thing she missed back from the orphanage were her friends, even though they always come and go, but now she made new ones as she started to go to a public high school. Her dream job was to become an air-hostess. A year has passed since then and Ella is having the best days in her life, going out with friends, experimenting new things, buying new clothes and accessories, everything that a teen-aged girl would want to happen in her teen-aged years.

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