The day I started to believe in love!!

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Elena a 26yr old gyn/obs who works at a hospital . Her life is not perfect but she is content and happy with what she has. She believes that love is a only in fantasies and movies and there is no such thing called love in reality, yet she reads fantasy - romantic novels because she doesn't have a "love life" and that's the only thing that takes her in new world where everything is just perfect and one day her life starts getting just perfect . She'd have never imagined , no one could imagine right. Dave is a 31yr old successful cardiologist who's father is a businessman and also owns the hospital which he works in. He is the guy that every lady wants but it's difficult for him because of his work schedule and also he believes in the policy that work and pleasure should not be mixed. So he too doesn't have any personal life , his only life is saving people because he thinks he is never going to fall in love and love doesn't come and bump at you. But you never know what the fate has for you right? and one fine day everything in his life was kind of turned up side down, according to him. It was the day when he fell in love !!!!

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


I got up in the morning for my work but the thing is that today I am late because I did not hear my stupid alarm. Ok whatever it happens in every two days but hell it's not my fault that every other day I get caught up in a romantic love story of a fictional character. I just love that because it takes me to my fantasy land . You know where there is no work stress , no alarm blarring in your ears , everything is just perfect but my life no, it's not perfect here I have to work for myself, to become independent because I don't wanna be dependent on anybody. I have made peace with my reality that I m not gonna get everything the way I want and worst of all I am not even going to get a guy who is good enough so that I don't have to come in my deafning silent house, ya house not home because I live alone.

Oh my god what am I thinking I am late , I have to reach the hospital in next half n' hour . What the hell you know what the saying is when you're late the whole universe wants to make you late . Ugghhhh my bike's tire is flat,wow what a day to start I don't want to take my car in this rush hour but I have to take because I am not even going to get a cab. This day officially sucks. After 35 minutes finally I have reached the hospital and I am running like a mad women for the elevator ouccchhhhh what did I bang onto oh my god I am going to fall , oh I am hanging in the air there's a hand on my back and I didn't land on my ass.. phew thank god something good happened right . Ok I am opening my eyes and there's a broad chest and slowly oh so why am I opening my eyes so slowly and there's a face with a fine jawline brown honey eyes, sharp nose , oh and that pink luscious lips and yes did I tell he has beard. Seconds passed and I was appreciating his beauty then he pulled me up and brought me back to reality that I am late. I am blank oh god what am I mumbling. (Clearing of throat) " Are you ok miss"? he asked what? Why am I blank? After few seconds finally I found my voice and said "yes I am ok thank you. I am late I have to run" and I didn't wait for him to answer and went straight inside the elevator. I pressed 8th floor there's where my cabin is . Today I have to meet my patients cardiologist because she Is suffering from ventricular septal defect and I have to make sure she doesn't suffer from thing major when she goes into labor .

It's 11 am and I am done with four patients and now is the time to meet Dr. Dave holfstader the cardiologist he is on the 10th floor and I have never even seen him. I think he might be an old man by seeing the number of surgeries he have performed. (Knock knock)* may I come in. "Yes". I entered the room and what I did not expect was to see the handsome man near the elevator. Omg he is Dr. Holfstader. What do I do I am going to go on mumbling mode again. Damnnn.......(kill me now).

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