Unexpected Bodyguard

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in Juliette McLaughlin's case, she's been convinced otherwise. That's why she's more than happy to go through life as a Fashion Illustrator, a profession where she can hopefully make woman feel the way she never has; Beautiful. When old demons come back to haunt her, a private bodyguard by the name of Jensen "Ranger" Daughtry is hired to protect Juliette. Over the course of the job, she learns that you don't need everyone to think your beautiful. You just need one.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

I crumpled up the sheet of paper and angrily tossed it into the wastebasket. “Stupid fucking skirt,” I muttered to myself before yanking on another piece from the pile and slamming it on the desk in front of me. “You couldn’t give me a better idea of what you wanted, could you? No, because that would actually make my job easier!” I continued muttering under my breath as I set to sketch the skirt for seemed like the 15th time.

I am a fashion illustrator for one of the top, small-time designers in the city. You would think it would be an easy job, right? Drawing a sketch of something your boss gives you. Simple enough, right? Except for the fact that my boss likes to be a royal pain in my ass and almost NEVER gives me the full idea of what she wants. I end up having to draw it 10 plus times before she’s even satisfied.

As I began to finish the outline, a soft knock sounded at the door to my very small office. Looking up, I saw my boss Camilla standing at the door. The nice smile on her ruby red lips contrasted the conceited and nasty look in her eyes. “Juliette, listen. I know I just told you to do a redesign of the skirt, but I am going to need that by the end of the day. We already have a potential investor for the design, and they want it as soon as possible so they can go over it.”

I glanced at the wall clock with a frantic look in my eyes. “But that’s- two hours from now. Camilla I’ve got- “

“I don’t care. I asked you to do something now do it.” Camilla narrowed her eyes at me, pursing her lips in the process. “Honestly, McLaughlin, sometimes you’re so ungrateful for the opportunities I’ve given you. I want it on my desk by the end of the day. No discussions.” She walked away with a satisfied grin on her face, leaving me with a scowl on mine.

Sighing, I picked up my phone and dialed my brother Sean’s number. He was supposed to come over to my place for our weekly dinner but now I have to cancel.

My brother picked up almost instantly, the excitement in his voice indescribable. “Hey there sis. Listen, I was thinking I make Mom’s famous pork chops for dinner. I know how much you loved them as a kid.”

“About that- “I scratched at the back of my neck. “Sean, I’m not going to be able to make. My boss wants me to do a redesign of an item right away. Have it done by the end of the day. I’ll have to stay after if I’m going to have any chance of finishing it before she leaves.”

“You’re kidding me? That frigid bitch is doing it to you again. Juliette, I do not know why you still work for her after the way she’s treated you. You can do so much better than working for that conceited bitch of a woman.”

“Well until then I still have bills to pay. Look Sean I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise. We’ll reschedule for Friday, ok?”

Sean sighed roughly before speaking. “Alright, you’re lucky you’re my favorite sister.”

“I’m your only sister. I’ve got to continue working before she witch comes back.”

“Good luck Juliette.”

I practically crawled up the stairs to my house several hours later. It was touch and go but I managed to finish it just in time. I could tell Camilla was not please with the quality but could not complain. Either way, I got out of the building as fast as humanly possible.

When I stepped onto the porch, a vase of flowers came into view. Not just any flowers, but a mixture of white and red roses. The flowers were tightly bunched together in a glass vase.

A smile rose on my face as I approached the flowers. I cannot believe he sent me flowers. Sean’s older than me by four years. When he first moved out of the house and I still lived at home, he would occasionally send me the same type of flowers to cheer me up. He has always been my best friend and after the today I have had, it makes me feel ten times better.

While picking up the flowers, I managed to pull my phone out and dial Sean’s number. He picked up relatively quickly this time as well. “Hey Jules, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to call and say thank you for the flowers. They left them on my front porch.”

The other end was silent for several seconds before Sean responded. “What flowers?”

“Oh come, I know your absentminded but still. The flowers you sent to my house. They are Red and White Roses. You send them to me all the time!”

“Juliette, I don’t know who sent you flowers, but it wasn’t me.” My eyes widened at Sean’s words. If it was not him then who was it? There is only one other person that even KNOWS about the red and white roses, but it could not-

The vase slipped from my fingers at the realization, smashing to multiple pieces across the porch. The roses, once beautiful, now were splayed across the porch.

“Juliette, are you ok? What’s going on?!” He called frantically as he desperately tried to get my attention.

“He’s back. Sean, he's back. I don’t know how the fuck he’s even back here- “

“What do you mean he’s back?”

“Westley’s back. I don’t know how the fuck he’s back, but he is, and he knows where I live.”

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