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This is a story of a middle class boy whose upbringing takes place with compromising on almost all the things which was not because of his parents rather he himself senses the situation and adjusts himself accordingly so that his parents do not face problem. But there was one thing in which he never compromises which is his dream to touch the sky for which one proverb remains actually true ‘sky is the limit’ for him. The joyride begins growing up in middle class family surrounding with so many interesting friends & as usual interference of relatives but he completes his journey until reaches what he dreams for and that determination does not only make him one of the best student in the batch but also takes him till top B school of the country and even beyond that. The story is a mix of raw truth and some close observation with some interesting fiction which will definitely evoke nostalgia amongst the alumni, create an interest in pursuer and will involve more who is pursuing. Read on.. I am sure you will find it difficult to put down whether you have gone through this journey or going or planning, I don’t know but one thing for sure that you will correlate this to yourself.

Drama / Adventure
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