Allen Jane Marilyn Kent

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Allen Jayne Marilyn Kent is an ordinary boy from rich folks. Busy parents and one elder brother is all he have. But small, rich families have issues to. Bullied by his brother and his group and the boy he liked. Time never remains the same, changes are perennial. Richness comes with darkness at times as cost, so the doors of underworld open to Allen. Promising new changes in life and giving him another goal to follow. Where he walks merrily holding hands of someone with true affection and loyalty, but are the feeling are truly reciprocated? Here lies web of conspiracies and secrets he must face and also his family. It will be difficult but it will be his another new beginning.

Drama / Romance
Rashmi Negi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Few words from author’s side....

This book is for myself,

Sometimes some actions must be taken without thinking too much, to build one’s self and to find new goal.

This is my first book.

Once I read a book on Wattapad, on bulling and gay love story. The story was not updated for a long time, so I never know how things went though I have a rough idea from reading the teaser of the book. In the story a boy was bullied by his brother and his friends’ circle. The girls in circle showed sympathy but they never went against their boyfriends who themselves were a part of bullying, which I totally hated. The younger brother was in love with the best friend of his brother and then the story was not updated. But in the teaser the best friend says that however the things went in past he would do anything to earn the forgiveness but the boy, the younger brother, belongs to him and he would never let him go. The younger brother was conscious of him as the best friend was hugging him and I don’t know if the younger brother still loves him or not. I also don’t know if the best friend hit him in the past or not but one’s presence and silence are still no less than any hit.

The concept was good and I still remember it, but the thing is that if someone made my life hell, I would for once forgive them but to entirely accept them in my life and more so as my partner, never. I think wounds heal but the person gotten hurt becomes cautious and always on alert. It becomes a part of their personality either they know it or not. That’s what I think. I don’t know how much I am right about it but I think this is what really happens in the practical world.

This situation and story was like a mosquito, hard to kill and difficult to ignore. So, to ease my mind I started to write story in my own way, defining the characters and giving it a new light from the beginning and ending it in my own way. I have tried to give each character their own personality and still deep down I have put my emotions and ideas in them such that they do not overlap with the personality of character and they still remain distinct to one other and have individuality. It may not be good as other but you will definitely enjoy it. I will make it as interesting as I can.

I am thankful to the manga Raising a Bat created by Jade for the book cover.

The country I have chosen is USA though I have never been there. All I know is from reading the books on this website or any other story writing website. So if there is something amiss or incorrect do mention it and I would try my best to correct them.

Any kind of suggestion and notes on my mistakes are welcome. I will update it on every Wednesday.

Thank you

Rashmi Negi

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