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Allison Stanton, a 16 year old girl from small town, Staunton, Virginia, has always wanted more adventure. She’s been saving up since freshman year and the time has finally come. She is going to spend her Junior year as a foreign exchange student in London, England. When she arrives, she meets dreamy, Benjamin Wilson. She knows she can’t fall for him because she lives 3,780 miles away, but she does anyways. But as she writes and receives letters from her best friend, Sam, back home, something’s seems off. What’s going on with Sam? What’s going to happen with Benjamin? Just as Allison thinks everything is perfect, something HAS to go wrong!

Drama / Romance
Maggi Grace
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Chapter 1

As we packed the car with all my stuff, my dad began to tear up. It’s not like I was leaving forever.

“I’ll be back dad” I said, even though he already knew that, it was good to give him some more reassurance.

“I know Alli, but I’m really gonna miss you. It’s gonna be boring in the house,” he paused, “all alone.”

Well now he’s makng me feel bad. “Ill text you you all the time and we can call every single night before I go to bed.”

That may be kind of complicated though because the time difference is 5 hours. I didn’t say that out loud though because I didn’t want to upset my dad anymore. Just as I put my backpack in the floor of the passenger seat, Sam came up behind me.

“Hey Alli are you guys almost ready to go?” Sam is going to ride with me and my dad to drop me off at the airport. I think Sam is the person I’m going to miss the most. I love my dad, but he can be clingy sometimes. Sam has been my best friend since we moved into the house when I was 3... when my mom died.

“Yup. I just put the last bag in.” I said.

“All right I’m gonna go use the bathroom, I’ll be out in just a minute” Sam went inside.

It’s not like I needed to go in with him anymore. He practically lives in my home. Dad got in the car first. I followed behind and I got into the passenger seat. I get car sick, and Sam was ok with riding in the back. Sam came out and got into the car.

“I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting so long for this. I can’t believe it’s finally happening” I said with excitement,

“I can,” Sam said, “You’ve worked so hard for this” I smiled.

“Thanks, Sam. I’m so excited to meet my host family in London.”

My dad was quiet for most of the ride. When we finally arrived at the airport, we began to unload all of my stuff. I was beginning to get nervous. I tried not to think about how long I’d be gone because I knew I’d miss home, but now I was thinking about it. I sighed.

“Everything okay,” my dad asked. I didn’t want him to know I was nervous because I know it would just make him even more nervous than he had to be.

“I’m just so excited.” My dad went silent for a second,

“Your mom would be so proud of you if she saw you right now.” We hadn’t talked about Mom very much since she died in a car wreck when I was 3. It was a sore subject and we both just knew not to bring it up.

“I know, Dad.”

Sam was still pulling bags out of the car so we both helped him. Once everything was out we started walking towards the doors. This airport was huge— well, huge compared to our small stores and school in our small town. It was almost one in the afternoon and my flight wasn’t until 3, so we decided to get some lunch.

While we ate lunch, we talked about my new school.

“I think it will have super fancy, royal lunch tables and maids and a bunch of cool, home made food,” Sam said

Sam,” I laughed, “I’m not becoming a queen, or even a princess. Besides, I’ve seen pictures and the tables aren’t that huge, or royal, but I can say I don’t know what food will he served. I am excited to find out.” I finished my last fry.

“You better not be a british brat when you come home, or else I’ll just have to send you back,” my dad said,

“Dad, I’m not sure that you can just inhabit a British accent.” I guess I don’t actually know that though. I’ve never met anyone who was a foreign exchange student in London for some amount of time and then came back to the U.S. It was almost 2:30, so we decided to go ahead and walk to my gate but they couldn’t come past security with me. It was time to say goodbye.

“Guys, I think that it’s time for you to go. I’ve got to get to my gate.” I really didn’t know where my gate was, but I knew that I would find it eventually. I could always ask. My dad started tearing up again,

“I’m not ready to see you go.” I was afraid he was going to make me cry so I didn’t look him in the eyes.

“I love you, Dad.” I said, still not making eye contact,

“I love you to, Alli.”

I turned to look at Sam, I’ll see you on the flip side, buddy” I went in to hug him but when we pulled away he stayed close. I was confused but then he kissed me on the cheek. “Um....” He had never done anything like that. I had only ever seen him as a friend. I decided to just brush it off, but Sam seemed upset. “Bye Allison. See you on the flip side.” And with that, we both went our own, separate ways.

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