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The embrace of his name. A king without a crown and the days of depression in post apocalyptic Earth X.

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Heavy is the crown

When you see the light, remember my name

2021. Remember my name. Don’t be afraid.

Depression. Sometimes it comes and goes. Sometimes you are happy sometimes you are not.

Sometimes you wanna embrace the world sometimes you wanna sleep through it all.

Lately, his sleeping schedule has changed to the worst. Nightmares and waking up in cold sweat. Always the same ending. “When you see the light, remember my namebut what is your name? You never told me as you faded away.

Nightmares in a world that crumbles nightmares in a world that slowly fades away.

You never told me your name. Tell me your name!

But what if you know the name? When you look at the mirror you know the answer. “When you see the light embrace it and remember YOUR name

Sometimes all we want is there but we cannot see. Sometimes all I want is there but I cannot see. Embrace your light. Heavy is the hand that holds the crown.

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