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February 10th, 2013

Life at this house may be monotonous, but honestly, boring and routine is what I need.

On the average day, me and Cameron are up first. I think he gets up early so that he can

talk to Mrs. Parker on the days she gets home before 5:30ish. Everyday, Cam and I set the table before dinner is ready, and Annelies, Terin, Jerico, and Kevin trickle down in random order. Sometime in there, Mr. Parker (and some days, Mrs. Parker) gets home and sometimes one of them brings home a pizza or other fast food, but most of the time, Mrs. Parker cooks something so we can all sit down and eat together. It’s still weird to me, even a month later, eating dinner as if it were breakfast.

Mr. and Mrs Parker always ask us how we slept. On Mondays, Mrs. Parker asks us to

give her our lists for the library or the video store, if the library doesn’t have it, and she asks for our wants list for when she goes grocery shopping Saturday morning. Usually she doesn’t get us everything we want because she doesn’t have all the money in the world, and Kevin always asks for a bunch of different candy, which she’s not willing to provide every week. It’s actually pretty funny. Her first shopping trip of every month, she’ll get Kevin three different types of candy and tell him it has to last the whole month. Without fail, every month, by the second week, candy goes back on his list because he has no self-control. Cameron, Terin, and I always joke that someone must be stealing from his stash when he isn’t looking, and he always blames one of us, but usually Cameron. I think this has become enough of a running joke that it doesn’t actually bother Cam.

At dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Parker tell us stories. Mostly from work that day, but sometimes

from their past lives. My favorite story is the one where they got married without telling their parents, who freaked out when they found out. The story in itself isn’t especially funny or anything, but the way they tell it is amazing. Someday I want to look at someone that way. I want to know my wife so well that I can finish her sentences. My parents, or even my aunt and uncle, were never like that.

We tell them our own stories, but they’re usually short, since the things we do day-to-day

don’t change that much. I tell stories from home sometimes, but no one else really does. I’ve made up names for my former friends since we’re not supposed to mention real names. Isaiah is Jonah, which he would hate, since it’s his brother’s name. Cameron is the only one who knows Isaiah’s real name. But I have found out that the kids only follow the name rules when Mr. and Mrs. Parker are around.

Cameron always helps Mrs. Parker clean up after dinner, and I’ve started helping, which

made Terin help, too. She always shoos everyone else away to get their school stuff out, or mostly for Jerico, to go to the garage and do mechanics stuff with Mr. Parker. Mrs. Parker doesn’t do school stuff with Terin, Cameron, or I, so we get to do what we want until Mr. Parker is available to goof around in the basement. Kevin is the only one who is of the opinion that we’re “too old” to play catch or pass a soccer ball around or wrestle with the father figure of the house, but since my dad never played with me, I cherish this. Despite what Kevin says, it’s never weird at all. It’s usually the part of the day where I smile the most.

Sometime between 10 and 11:30, Mr. and Mrs. Parker go to bed. We usually eat lunch

pretty soon after that. Depending on the day, I either go for a walk or stay here to play with Annelies. When everyone gets back, Terin, Cameron, and I start doing our school stuff. They don’t think of it as school, because to them it’s mostly just fun. I thought I liked history more than anyone I knew until I met them. They also like astronomy, and they occasionally do some math just because, but I don’t. I’ve had enough math for awhile. It always stressed me out more than any other subject.

And, of course, they’re into even more stuff, because Terin’s this amazing artist and Cameron can sing and play piano way better than I’ll ever be able to. They honestly make me feel stupid and untalented most of the time. They’ve been cooped up here learning for so long that they’re way ahead of me, and their paces are different, but they’re both fast. I’m behind my peers for pretty much the first time in my life, and I really don’t have all that much interest in catching up.

Sometimes, for a couple hours before breakfast, they stop doing their own thing and we watch movies or just talk. Sometimes all of us end up hanging out to watch something, and Annelies usually falls asleep on someone’s lap. I usually stay up until breakfast because it feels too early to go to bed, but there have been a couple times that I haven’t. But I feel loved and wanted. I feel like people actually listen to me when I talk, and that’s a beautiful thing. That can be as monotonous as it wants.

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