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June 28th, 2013

Tonight has been wild. There was a fire. Not here, thank God, but down the street.

Unfortunately, three people died, and Mr. and Mrs. Parker knew them. Or used to know them. The details are foggy.

Anyway, Kevin was the one who heard the sirens, and after we saw firemen carry some people out, Mr. and Mrs. Parker rushed out to help. What they thought they could do in that moment was beyond me, but that’s them. Always ready to help anyone.

After they left, I could tell that everyone was freaking out. Cameron hugged Terin and I, and even Kevin didn’t have anything to say. I hate worrying because I spend too much time doing it. Sitting in a room with everyone worrying until Mr. and Mrs. Parker came back sounded like torture to me. Besides, if the Parkers could help so many people, I figured that the six of us could do something to help them.

I suggested that we clean the house, because even though we aren’t usually super messy, Mrs. Parker is always picking up after us. Surprisingly, when Kevin complained, it was Jerico who defended me. I grouped everyone up real quick and gave them jobs. Terin and I got to work on the kitchen. We dried all the dishes we had helped wash after dinner and wiped the counters, because we usually just wiped down the table. Then we went up to clean the bedrooms. I let Terin do Annelies’s room, because all of his artwork is in there. That left me to clean our room, which is kind of gross. No one ever makes their bed, and we each only have one little drawer for our clothes and possessions, so a lot of things end up on the floor. With four air mattresses and all that stuff, it’s hard to walk in our room.

I made everyone’s bed, and I found crumbs in Kevin’s bed. It was so nasty that I decided to stack up all of our mattresses in the corner and vacuum. Afterall, it was the perfect time, because nothing else was happening and no one was sleeping. Right after I got all of the beds stacked Annelies came in. I sent her to help Terin clean her own room.

When I finished vacuuming, I helped Terin and Annelies clean the bathroom. Then we went downstairs, where Kevin and Jerico were already sitting at the kitchen table. Jerico was picking at a granola bar, and Kevin was staring at the front door.

We sat down with them, and Annelies moved her chair close to mine so she could lean against me. I wished that I could comfort her, but I wasn’t sure how.

Cameron came upstairs and Annelies broke the silence, so we had to tell her that everything was going to be okay, even though I felt like a big liar. We actually just sat there in silence until Mr. and Mrs. Parker came back, worrying. It was not a good time.

When they finally showed up, they had a little girl with them. Her name is Breanne, and I think she’s probably 7 or 8, but I don’t know yet. Annelies showed her their room upstairs, which made me glad that we cleaned, and the Parkers told us that their friends had died. They intend to adopt Breanne if the police and whoever can’t find anyone else to adopt her.

If they do end up adopting her, things are going to get crazier, but that’s okay. I’ve cried twice tonight trying to imagine how Breanne must feel right now. I don’t care if her staying means I have to leave, or anything like that. She deserves to be happy.

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