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May 8th, 2017

I’m at the Amtrak station. Roderick took the day off work, took me to lunch, and dropped me off. It was really nice of him, especially because I was crying when I showed up at his door this morning.

I think I really surprised everyone besides Cameron and Terin by leaving, which I feel pretty bad about. I’m just glad they woke Annelies up to come say goodbye. She doesn’t need any more surprise desertions in her life.

There were so many hugs and tears, but I think they understood that it was my time to go. I even think I made Cameron not hate me, and I gave him Isaiah’s address so he could contact me. That was a gamble, because at that point, I hadn’t texted Isaiah to ask if I could live with him for the summer. I probably would’ve waited until the last possible second, but Roderick made me do it at lunch. All I said was, “Hey, could I maybe live with you this summer?”

Isaiah had some choice words for me at first, but after an hour, he got over it a little bit and asked his parents. They said I was welcome to stay as long as I needed, and I hadn’t even told them when I was coming. I really am utterly grateful for them, and I can’t wait to see Isaiah. Even if he punches me.

The worst thing is, I know the questions are coming. Questions about where I was and who I was with. I have no idea how to answer without exposing the Parkers. I guess I’ll just have to make sure not to name names. That’ll be pretty hard, but I think it will be easy to avoid saying, “Oh yeah, I was just in Minnesota the whole time.”

Wish me luck. My train is here.

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