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November 30, 2012

It feels good to not be sleeping on the ground out in the cold, but sleeping on the bus isn’t much better. It’s quite full right now, and there’s an older lady sitting next to me. We’re on the way to Indianapolis. She’s going to see her family. I’m going because it was cheapest, and I’ve never been to Indiana anyway.

Actually, I just want to find some good people, like my aunt and uncle. I can’t go back to them though, because they would send me back to my parents. So here I go on an adventure. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up in Canada.

Actually, I won’t. I don’t have a passport.

I have snacks in my backpack and a little over ninety dollars. I had more, but this bus wasn’t cheap. When the food I have is gone I guess I’ll spend a little money to buy more. There are small little towns outside of Indianapolis, right? I’ll find one and get a job as someone’s stable boy or something.

I actually don’t think I have any useful skills to offer, but I can learn. I really just need a job to get food, because Jed Aceley is no thief. I will not go as far as stealing. I won’t.

But what have I done that I said I wouldn’t do?

I stayed with the troublemakers after I really thought I had the guts to quit hanging out with them in sixth grade

I lived with my parents for more than a year and couldn’t convince my aunt and uncle to take me back. Were they tired of me? They must hate me like everyone else.

I participated in mean pranks. Even though I never did much, I didn’t stop them. I should’ve stopped them when they were binder checking and stealing glasses and releasing the emergency brake on that car…

Do I really want to remember?

I’m glad I left.

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