The Betrayed Side Chick

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Sasha Kingston is a 25 year old woman who was a registered nurse at a hospital in Miami, Florida. Sasha is faced with different obstacles to overcome and every time she gets one step ahead of the game, something happens and pushes her back.

Drama / Other
Rehmirra Thomas
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Part One

Wait! Before y’all say anything. I know y’all see the picture and shit. I know it looks bad, but let me explain to y’all what happened. First allow me to introduce myself. Sasha Kingston pleasure to meet y’all. I’m a 25 year old Registered Nurse at a hospital in Miami, Florida. I have long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and of course an ass out of this world as you can see. Ah ha! The people laying lifeless in the bed is David and Veronica Givens. You’re probably thinkin this is one of those “I came home and found my husband cheating on me and I killed him and his mistress.”type stories but it’s not. See actually me and David were messing around. I was what y’all chicks today would say “side chick”. Only thing is I didn’t know I was the side chick. When I tell y’all this man spoiled me! He bought me any and everything I wanted. I guess I was so blinded by the gifts and sex (which is absolutely amazing by the way) that I didn’t even ask or see any signs of him being married. As always the fun must come to an end and what stopped our fun was when I found out I was 3 months pregnant. I was so excited about having a baby that instead of texting David and telling him I was on my way over. I decided to pop up at his home. Big mistake. I pull up in my brand new purple and black BMW that David bought me. I grabbed the papers from the doctor that showed how far along I was and headed towards David’s door. I knock and he doesn’t answer. I know he’s here cause all four of his cars are here. Then I thought about it. Wait David only has 3 cars so who owns the fourth one?? Maybe he just got another one, so I didn’t put too much thought into it. I knocked again and no one came to the door. That’s strange. Let me just grab the spare key under the plant by the door. I grab it and slowly open the door. I hear moans and screams coming from upstairs. I know damn well he’s not cheating on me! See David is a big time drug dealer and he has guns in special places around his house. He told me a few spots to find one in case something happened to him and I need protection. So I went to the safe in the wall by the kitchen and grabbed the first gun I saw. I crept upstairs making sure to walk lightly so the stairs wouldn’t make a noise. I get to his bedroom and the moans are getting louder and I can hear the headboard hitting the wall. I can’t believe this. I kick the door in with my heels and precede to walk in with the gun pointed at both of them. Well the conversation went a little like this.

Veronica: “Omg David who is she and why does she have a gun pointed at us??!”

David: “Sasha what are you doing here??! Put the gun down before you shoot somebody!”

Me: “That’s the plan you bastard! How could you cheat on me after all I’ve done for you! We even have a baby on the way and this is the thanks I get??!”

David: “Well Sasha I... wait did you say baby?? You’re pregnant??”

Me: “3 months dumbass that’s why I came over here! To surprise you but I got the surprise instead.”

Veronica: “David is this true? You’ve been cheating this whole time?! I go to visit my parents back in Hawaii and this is what I come back to!! I can’t believe I married your sorry ass!”

Me: “Married????”

Veronica: “Yup for 3 years!” She flashes her huge rock to me.

David: “Veronica baby let me explain..”

I pick up my gun and point it at him crying heavily. I’ve never killed anyone before but today was the day. I pulled the trigger and before David could get another word out his brain was splattered on the wall. Now Veronica’s in here hollering and crying. “Why did you shoot my husband? Why ? Why ?! Whyyyyy?!!!” Ugh bitch shut up and let me think for a second. I notice there was a half bottle of Jack Daniels on the nightstand so I grabbed it and took a swig. Well hell since he’s gone I might as well finish the job right. I point the gun at Veronica and let off 4 bullets. 2 in the chest and 2 in the head. I take another swig of the liquor and walk out the door. For some reason I was smiling. Does that mean I’m crazy! You’ll just have to wait and see! 💋🤗🤩

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