Amy's Ending (short story)

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Amy is reflecting on a late summer's eve, and not sure whether she can keep going like she has.

Drama / Other
Heidi Andreassen
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Amy's Ending

It was a late summer’s eve when Amy walked along the river. She looked up at the house she grew up in and felt a tear going down her cheek. Don’t cry, she thought to herself. She sat down in the cool grass, grasping at the straws, pulling some of the grass up. The grass itched, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even notice. Her mind was flooded, and beyond that, she noticed nothing. Memories of a troubled childhood flew by her eyes and wallowed in her mind. She could see her mother by the kitchen counter, cooking for the whole family. Her father on the couch, with a half-empty bottle of beer in his hand, and four empty ones on the table. She could see herself hiding in her room with her younger sister, making her be quiet, so there would be no trouble.

If only I had hid you better, Amy thought to herself. He would have never found you. The tears kept streaming down her face, and her lips had a salty taste because of it. She was only wearing a small blue tank top and a pair of shorts, and even though it was summer, her skin was cold to touch. She did not feel herself getting cold, she felt herself getting warm – from anger, hatred, and most of all… loss. She missed her so bad, no words could ever describe it. Ever since she moved away from this place, she had never been to their bedroom – until today. It still looked the same as that day.

Amy laid her head down in the grass, looking up at the sky. There were no clouds, but there were many stars. Maybe she is up there? Looking down at me? Amy smiled a little, but the next minute she thought that was a stupid idea. Why would she be looking down at me, when I could not protect her? There was a cold breeze against Amy’s skin, but she took no notice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Behind her she heard footsteps. She knew who it was. The man who saved her. The man who would miss her dearly. The one she would leave behind. “Hey” she said, smiling to him as he laid down in the grass beside her. Her arms were down by her sides, her hands open for grasping. He grabbed her hand and held it tight. “I am sorry this has taken such a toll on you” he said. “I am never letting you go again”. She smiled to him, and closed her eyes, as she fell asleep for the last time.

A small ladybug took off from the rock behind her head, and looked down at the pale girl as it flew away. There she was, all alone, lying in the grass and her eyes staring blankly at the sky. There was no glow left in them, and no colour in her cheeks. The girl was gone, and a new star was added to the night sky.

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